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9th Jun 2003, 17:35
In the arcade league mode: amateur league: team "a" series: men in gray, how do you pass that level?

9th Jun 2003, 17:42
I believe it will be answered quicker in TS2 forum. Moving..

9th Jun 2003, 19:40
heres how i did it, and easy gold:
right of the bat run into the bunker that has a usable placement gun in it, ignore the machine gun on top.
once inside take out the two machine gun placements blocking the path up ahead
once they are dead run to the water fall
grab a soviet once you have that objective complete and full health (under the back of the waterfall) and walk out and turn up the path, take out that machine gun on the top of the rock, dont worry about dying, just focus on that till its dead.
next run into the large open area at the top of that path and blow up all the barrels, i think they are as follows:
-Far back near cave enterance
-Top of ramp in right building (dont take the hallway inside it yet)
-Inside broken buidling on the left
-Far right behind the building
and two i think are out in the middle or around it
once all those are dead simply run inside either the cave or the hallway in the right building and launch grenades at / shoot the hell out of all the computer stuff on the first floor

should be able to do it in around 2 minutes.

10th Jun 2003, 00:59
Thanks, VeGa and Xcom, mission accomplished!

16th Jun 2003, 16:21
I still dont know how to do it. I did that but its not letting me pass. I destroyed the computers totally and destroyed all those barrels that you said but its not letting me beat it. Why?

16th Jun 2003, 17:28
Dunno what to tell ya! you must be doin somethin wrong cos thats all you have to do :confused:

1. Get to the waterfall (you'll know if you've done it cos a message will appear sayin "destroy fuel dumps" or somethin like that).

2. Destroy 6 barrels on top of the hill (it'll say "destroy computers" or somethin when you've done it).

3. Blow up the computers inside the enemy base (you have to make sure the comps are destroyed and the best way to do that is to either use some sort of grenade or rockets).

Good luck

Ab ^_^

23rd Jun 2003, 03:02
If you have possession of anything explosive after reaching the waterfall you can take out the computers and leave the barrels for later.

26th Jun 2003, 23:02
at the beggining of the level ignore the enemy bots, they should linger around your star location killing your collegue leaving little opposition for you to deal with the computers and barrels. Id personally not go for the computers before the barrels- Id wait for the message to pop up first then do it. avoid using the assault shotgun- Its rubbish, instead stick to the Soviet (and grenades) and minigun.