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8th Jun 2003, 18:55
:) Hi! I would like to put in my prj a " Pegasus", that I tried to create with Meta. I thought if it would not be possible to give to it the A.I. of Knight & Horse (TR5)... However, I'm not a good designer and I have a certain difficulty in working with the forms and with the Meta... Would there be anybody with disposition (and some time) to help me creates it? ... if possible ! :)

9th Jun 2003, 13:56
Wow that sounds like a really cool idea... would it be able to fly?

11th Jun 2003, 04:55
:) Hi ! Why not ??? If we got necessary AI for that... That myth still was not explored and if you think a little, you will discover a lot of possibilities really great... Lara certainly would adore that! Sure...
The only problem is that I am not a programmer, nor designer.... like this, it would be necessary the help of somebody expert in those areas... is anybody enabled to help to create that new character? :rolleyes: :)