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8th Jun 2003, 11:36
I recently went to ne of my friends houses, he plays TS2 but isnt very good so I often have to complete levels with gold for him... anyway, recently as I said, I went over to his house and he asked if I could get the gold on damb bursters so he could get the 100% (about 30% of which I got for him), I thought to myself piece of cake and accepted his invitation. Smiling at how easy this task would be (as I have learnt how to do it thanks to the help frm other members here)... but this smile soon diminished as I started playing too well racking up combos of well over 30. Anyway, when the match ended I was left with a screen showing that I had over 20,000 points. IN HIS NAME! ARGHHHHHHHH!!! anyway, now he's bragging that he got the score so I'll have to prove him wrong by whooping him in a public multiplayer- or Ill just corrupt his memory card! bwa ha ha!

8th Jun 2003, 23:01
Thats an amazing score so you'll have to steal it back :eek:

It beats the current world record of 16800 held by Josh.

Ab ^_^

8th Jun 2003, 23:07
thats it
Im gonna take that save disregarding the it bieng his file and post the picture, Ill ask him for it tommorow