View Full Version : how long do u all think before an editor for aod?

David 070
8th Jun 2003, 04:36

two years maybe???

8th Jun 2003, 10:42
This won't be possible in the near future because of the associations with Maya and the fact that levels will take so much longer to produce..... try building a level using the Unreal editor and see how long it takes in comparison to a TRLE level and you'll understand the complexity of it.

Maybe.... just maybe, but it'll be at least five years methinks; if ever. ;)

8th Jun 2003, 15:24
The aod editor would be cool.

I think if/when they switch engines again we will get the trc editor and not the aod one. lol

Tomb Raider Fan
8th Jun 2003, 16:39
I think that they will never release the AOD editor dunno why but they just wouldn't.

Dhama, How long does it take to build an Unreal level?

9th Jun 2003, 01:17
The whole game was made in Maya (hence the game engine being Maya based).

If you watch any "Making Of" videos, you can see them designing levels in Maya.

Unless you want to get Maya for yourself, it will be released around the date of probably never.

9th Jun 2003, 11:28
there wont ever be an AOD editor, and it would be horrible if there was.

Vivi Ornitier
9th Jun 2003, 15:16
If ever there is an AOD editor released, then it won't be until they are through with making games using it for the same reasons that this one wasn't released until now - many of the levels created by people are better than the offical ones, and for that reason alone, they'd not sell as many copies of any future games made using the same editor, and so they couldn't release it until, at the very earliest, the last game in this next series (there's bound to be more than one game made using it) is released.


9th Jun 2003, 17:28
Originally posted by Tomb Raider Fan

Dhama, How long does it take to build an Unreal level?

Well if you think of building an object that is the shape of a room, compared to making a room in TRLE which is about 2 seconds, it would take you around a couple of hours depending how complex it is but you would need to know a little more on 3D construction first then you need on TRLE.