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Vivi Ornitier
8th Jun 2003, 00:55
Hey all, been months since I last looked here, and even longer since the last post I mede...or even signed in (so I'm sorry to those of you who msg'ed me and didn't get a reply).
I found my old trle stuff the other day, just before I was going to format my hdd and start over again, and couldn'd face wasting so much time on a level I never realesed, and yet was so near completion....so it has made me come back here again, and I've started work on the level once more...

Anyway, I was just wondering what had changed?
Was the animation editor ever finsihed and released?
Y'know, stuff like that...
...oh and had anyone yet managed to get a moveable climable block?

Vivi :p

8th Jun 2003, 10:46
Hello mate..... nice to see yer back. ;)

8th Jun 2003, 14:09
Welcome back, Vivi! I was suprised to see you posting here.
BTW,The animations editor has been released.