View Full Version : A TS2 Arcade Custom Tournament!

7th Jun 2003, 08:40
Hey guys im new here but the main reason im here is to advertise a custom tournament for TS2. it is a very very fun tournament where you compete against other players of TS2. the basic rules are that the runner of the tournament (solid sean a.k.a me, for this tournament) gives you specific settings for "arcade custom", such as what game speed to play, how long you play the game for, what bots/weapons etc. then you go off and play that round 5 times and you come back with your best score (no proof needed, we trust you) and see if you did well enough in that round to score Points. after 10 rounds or so the person with the most points at the end is crowned that seasons TS2 Champion! its as easy as that and is very fun...jsut follow these simple steps to get to the tournament.

1/go to www.gamefaqs.com
2/sign up with gamefaqs (i promise it takes less time than it does to sign up to this website)
3/confirm sign-up via your email adress
4/go back to gamefaqs' homepage, there will be a search engine on the left...type in "space adventure" and click Go!
5/scroll down to where it says Sega-CD on "best matches" and click "board" across from where it says space adventure...you are now in the secret TS2 Social Board! this is where the tournament is held.
6/find the topic by solid sean saying "the new season 12 tourny" or something along those lines, and click on it. there you can read the rules and the first round that has already been set out!

ANYONE can join,its free,fun,and all you need to do is play a few rounds of arcade custom to compete! because im the one that does all the hard stuff (setting it out etc.) HAVE FUN!