View Full Version : word on Os Releases

6th Jun 2003, 03:50
has anyone heard what OS's Invisable War will be released on, Windows in Obvious, I want to know if Linux and OS X are on the list of suported OS's. After being able to play UT2K3 on Linux I'm hoping more games are ported that direction.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
13th Jun 2003, 12:06

Just don't be surprised when you have to wait 6 + months after the Windows release.

19th Jul 2003, 02:17
Like Pitr, I'm hopine that they planed to made a linux port of Deus Ex Invisible War...

Grand Admiral Thrawn => Bioware made the effort to release a linux client, it's better than a lot of other games Cie that they do nothing.....

Now, I'm using only linux, so if there is no linux client, I will don't play it, don't buy it (don't think about play it under winex...) and I'm not alone in this case !

15th Oct 2003, 15:33
I'm with you, DuF.

WineX is too much of a pain at this point for me. I stick to buying Linux releases of games since the installation is so easy.