View Full Version : what happend to LIM.com

6th Jun 2003, 03:41
is it just me or is www.larainmotion.com not a site any more?

6th Jun 2003, 06:17
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Yeah I think the site is gone...

L Croft
6th Jun 2003, 06:50
yup the webmaster closed the site and set up one about BloodRayne instead

THE True Lara
6th Jun 2003, 07:40
That's what I heard too.
I liked that site as well.

7th Jun 2003, 19:17
A loss indeed.

But expectable considering people perpetually and flagrantly disregarded the please-do-not-hotlink-entreaty.

Lil Lara
7th Jun 2003, 20:30
would someone care to explain what hot linking is to me? :)

8th Jun 2003, 03:38
NO i loved that site :( :( :( doesnt the person who ran the site post here in the forum??

8th Jun 2003, 03:46
LIM has been down for a long time now :( it was definately one of my favorties too :(

and yes the webmaster is registered at this forum.

hot-linking is when someone were to take the link of a certain picture and use it and not use it on their own online space. (or something on the lines of that :p)

8th Jun 2003, 08:56
Originally posted by Lil Lara
would someone care to explain what hot linking is to me? :)
What TombRaiderChik said. Hotlinking is (for example) when someone who likes a picture that is on someone elses site makes it his/her signature here without uploading it to one's own website and without permission. A lot of people here and probably in a lot of other forums did that.

L Croft
8th Jun 2003, 19:52
is there anyway of tracking hot links?