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6th Jun 2003, 02:32
I just picked this one up today, and it's got a two-page Defiance preview. Here's my favourite quote:

"No Kain or Soul Reaver game has ever been a disappointment, so there's no doubt that with all the extra elbow grease from the team at Crystal D, this will be something to look forward to."

There are a handful of screenshots. The Blood Reaver is shown with three different coloured trails being left in its wake (orange, purple, and blue). Elemental enhancements?

Hopefully the cover disc will have the E3 demo soon =).

Apocrypha Roxy
6th Jun 2003, 02:47
I can't wait...

is the cover disc the one they're sending in the mail?

I want to see. soo badly...

6th Jun 2003, 02:49
Originally posted by blincoln

There are a handful of screenshots. The Blood Reaver is shown with three different coloured trails being left in its wake (orange, purple, and blue). Elemental enhancements?

Perhaps. Can't really think of anything else it might be. (unless they are using codes and the hue just wont stay one color because its stubborn like that. I thought the same thing about the guys in the trailer that went on fire because the Sr2 demo had guys go on fire for no apparent reason as well.)

Umah Bloodomen
6th Jun 2003, 03:05
Very cool. Might have to check this mag out as well when I head out tomorrow. (Guess who's going to Borders?) :D

6th Jun 2003, 03:07
There's no demo on the cover disc this month. I'm hoping maybe in the August issues of OXM and OPM? Please Eidos, pleeeease?

Warp: It might just be a random visual thing too, like the orange and green trails in the proto1 demo.

6th Jun 2003, 03:52
I think they should bring them trails back!

For the record did you get this magazine via subscription or was it in the store?

I was thinking about a demo the other day, and cant we like call OPM or something and ask them whats planned for the next few demo discs? I was thinking that was something they must have planned out?

6th Jun 2003, 03:54
I got this one in the store. The ones with demo discs are pretty pricey to buy a whole year's subscription to.

My understanding is that the magazines with demo discs get the discs from the console maker (So basically just Sony and MS). They get editorial control over the magazine, and the console maker gets control over the demo disc. Even they might not know until the last minute what's going to be on it. But we could give it a try.

Lady Kreliana
6th Jun 2003, 07:04
If I had an X-Box, I'd get the magazine. Still, the information is much appreciated. ^_^

6th Jun 2003, 17:05
Mags with game discs are official publications only (i.e. magazines endorsed by the company: OPM etc).

I typically don't read them aside of the few months they have a worthwhile demo disc... regardless of editorial control Sony and Microsoft do have to approve the content (and do things like create a 5 point scale so it's easier to cover up poor games... and you have a large amount of perfect scores because of the lower scale so it looks really good on paper for them), so I typically try and stick with things that are less biased. -but as a side note OPM and OXM are some of the most unbiased official mags I've seen... unlike Nintendo Power... a game has to be reaaaaaaally awful to insite a poor score from that damn moronic staff.

6th Jun 2003, 17:15
whoa, I just noticed the OPM subscription is $40 bucks while the PSM one is $10.

OPM does some serious game bashing from time to time, I am surprised to find out they are just a puppet.

Anyway, a new idea hit me about the trails, they could possibly be some type of power indicator for the Reavers, maybe.

6th Jun 2003, 17:30
Well OPM isn't run by an angry tyrant... just a smart one

See if game: A is a new title from a company that nobody has ever heard of and has no budget for marketing etc... and gets crap reviews Sony wont say a word to the editors about changing it... why would they? Nobody is going to buy the game anyway and people wont buy a magazine if they feel the staff sold out.

But if game: B is a sequel to a hit game and has a big production value and a huge marketing campaign and gets a bad review then Sony steps in. Game: B is going to make a lot of money because the first one did... people will buy it because of hype and association (the last game was good so this one must be). Sony makes them soften the blow a little more... and naturally it's easy to cover up because they use a 5 point scale -if a game gets a 3.5 out of 5.0 then it doesn't seem quite so bad. This way Sony isn't changing the editorial content too much and they can still pull a thin veil over the consumer.

wheeeeeeeeeeeee I love marketing! :) :) :)


- maybe power, but typically (from an artistic standpoint anyway) when you do a gauge it's usually kept to colors on the same side of the spectrum. Blue and purple are close together but orange is on the waaaaaaaay other side (opposite of blue to be precise). But to tell you the truth my opinion on that can be thrown out of the window in a second.

6th Jun 2003, 17:42
I could probably throw you out the window in a second, too, pal. :p

I guess that does make good marketing sense.

6th Jun 2003, 17:53
heh well I'm sure you could... I am very very skinny.


6th Jun 2003, 18:06
You just need to eat more bacon.

6th Jun 2003, 22:12
any other interesting pics.

i think it might be a developement step in elemental blood reaver upgrades, maybe deciding which looked best or something.

also i know in some interview they said it'd have upgrades, but did they say it'd be elemental upgrades that would basically mirror the wraith reaver's upgrades or could it be something else

8th Jun 2003, 03:03
I would kind of doubt that they'd be elemental enhancements... those seemed to be created for the Soul Reaver. I know it is probably just a coding thing, but Raziel using the Blood Reaver could not draw in elemental powers from the fonts in the Sarafan Cathedral... and they surely had to remember that those were in there! Of course, if they want to upgrade it, they'd upgrade it to have elemental powers; but I think it'd be neater if they are indicative of other powers of some sort instead...

13th Jun 2003, 00:26
The one shot reminds me of Kains lightning attack. The one where he is holding the Reaver and it has like a wraithblade hue, it appears he is channeling TK thru the Reaver!?

13th Jun 2003, 03:25
I think I agree with Willow up there about it maybe the difference in power of the blows; the last hit/longest held hit being the most powerful. In other games they have varied, but I'd rather it be elemental/power enhancements. Actually, I'd rather it be both. The more enhancements and diverseness in the moves/strikes the better.;)