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5th Jun 2003, 21:29

I hang out at Qhimm's board a lot more than I do this one....My handle is Threesixty, but the three or four people still here know that already.....Instead of typing the links out here, I'll jut link to my post.

It's worth it......

7th Jun 2003, 12:45
Oh Hello! And a big old hug! Howya doing, Threesixty? A few of us old timers are still around.

That is the cutest darn thing I have seen in a very long time. Sat there like a doof and played it over and over again! So many memories there! And the lyrics are great... thank you.

8th Jun 2003, 03:00
Yeah, I was burning a cd of Video game music and stumbled onto that site.....

I have to say my favorite parts are the ending....where Aerith (Kingdom Heart's spelling....I like it better) is beating Sephiroth over the head, and Selphie's Sugar Rush, the preloader is pretty good, too.

It's amazing how much game mixes are out there.....Some of them are quite good....anyway that's what I was burning....a techno CD.

Here's the site that has a lot of free mp3 downloads:
I recommend checking out the Sims mix...."AcidTechnoTtrip"

Lot's of good Square songs there, too. Check out, Parasite Eve's, as well as Koudelka's. (I know Koudelka isn't a Square game....but the mix sound's good.)


and for those who still haven't seen it.....go see it, NOW!
you won't regret it, it's good, I tell ya!

8th Jun 2003, 21:54
Saw it. Still loving it though :)

Why does it have to be "Hit, Hit, Hit?" Why not, for instance, "956, 1021, 878" in white letters? :p

15th Jun 2003, 16:05
Well, since I didn't reply to this at Qhimm's (I've been doing more lurking there than posting the past few months.):

Yeah, that movie's great. I love the 8-bit Theatre intro (8-bit ownz you.)

On a side note: interesting that out of all the FF characters, there is a Cecil pic on that one page you linked to . . . I've been playing FF4 (again) for the past week or so. (Never mind my pointless rambling.)

As far as old timers still being around - (even though under my name it still says 'Junior Member', and probably will for life) I'm still here , I check this board often. I just hardly ever post anything.