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5th Jun 2003, 12:40
Hey everybody, just last night for now real reason at all, two thoughts about Lok: Defiance popped into my head. These aren't really questions or therious, I was just curious to see what others thought.

i) I think we can all agree that the series has a heavy circle theme(ie. The Wheel of Fate, and various dialouge references). So I thought it would be pretty cool if somehow this third installment will bring both characters full circle. Raz's last showdown at the Lake of the Dead and Kain's at the Pillars.

ii) The other thought I had was just how great it would be to see Nosgoth's very early history as depicted in the murals.

5th Jun 2003, 14:18
I agree with you. Here's another interesting idea. I think that the winged being on the door by the pillars on SR2 is Raziel. Sometime in the future he will return to the time of the ancients and that's when he will save Nosgoth.