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God Exiled
31st May 2003, 21:49
some of you may find it overkill but I really think they'd better put some smart puzzles like the ones in games like Riven, of Light and Darkness and such, which will have collective solutions -not just some signs or notes on a wall or two or kill the creature and get the item things- and bog my mind, make me do some serious thinking, connected to the story line swiftly ( I know Chris said they would be more about story, but can't help it, since the publisher, you know what I mean :) )

If there won't be real challenges, instead making go here go there take this take that do this do that.. type of things just to keep the game longer meanwhile trying to make us believe it is *vitally* connected to the story, then I'd rather watch all the game as a cutscene. Don't you think it would be such a priceless pleasure to overcome a puzzle and learn really important things about the story which requires you to be aware all the game and give attention to every little detail?
(feel free to flame away, by now I feel like hearing cries like "yeah right, so they should make it an advanture game for your liking, right? :) )

God Exiled
31st May 2003, 23:28
There was supposed to be a Myst III titled Exile. What happened to it? I didn't catch up with the news in time and now I don't even know if it made it to the stores, did it?

And you should definitely get this name, Of Light An Darkness, believe me you'll want to find a chronoplast chamber to go back in time and tell yourself to get the game when it's out :)
It's 3 cds

Reaver of Souls
1st Jun 2003, 00:32
The one thing I missed the most from SR1 was block puzzles. I mean yes, in the silenced Cathedral there are quite a lot, and it gets tiresome, but throughout the course of the game they are great.

I think it would be neat if in Defiance there was a mural on the wall that was missing sections, so Raziel/Kain has to push blocks in/add the missing pieces somehow and fix it. When it is completed and he steps back and analyzes it, and this mural reveals something important. (So like having to build the murals you saw in SR2 in stead of stumbling upon them.)

1st Jun 2003, 00:41
One of the few times I would approve of a block/mural puzzle: After assembling all the blocks of the mural into the correct form, it would create a rift gate that the player would then step through, taking the player to the scene/time that is shown in said mural.
While I would love a smart puzzle(oh, especially one where the smallest mistake would cause the puzzle to reform in a new version, and you have to re-start the whole thing over...Yes, it would be sadistic!), I grew to hate those stupid block puzzles in SR1.

1st Jun 2003, 03:22
Actually, when I revisit SR1 now, I can whip through those puzzles much faster, but there is always the one that I forget the whole picture on. Like the four stacked blocks puzzle around the silenced cathedral. Oh, yah! I forgot I have to push the two, one at a time, over the other side, then stack them, bring them back and then get the one from the original side up on the dividing platform and then stack it on the other two, now I have three and I can get the fourth and finally reach that opening.:D Ha Ha. I actually like them to an extent, though. Well, like is a powerful word. lol No, I do.

In Defiance, I think we will be pleased with the puzzle element, it seems they've been working hard to listen to what gamers want as far as gameplay and I think, hope, am confident that this transcends the combat.;)

9th Jun 2003, 23:06
I'm definately down for more puzzles. And also you should know that Myst 3 Exile was released a long time ago. I have it in my hand right now. Know this, this game's scenery is way more beautiful than Myst and Riven. Step away from the computer RIGHT NOW and get it. It is that good.

Myst 3 Exile: The perfect place, to plan revenge.