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4th Jun 2003, 17:12

I'm a newbie to the forums (as you may of guessed), so...here goes...

I recently got a copy of "Edition 3: 101 PC Games" which had the demo of Startopia on it - with a pretty decent review, too. I quickly became addicted to it, and decided to get myself a copy of the full version.

After getting a copy of it...I haven't stopped playing it.

Then, after using google to look up muckyfoot, I stumbled onto this forum, where I saw many other people addicted to this game.

So, I joined the forums. Then I wrote this message.

The End.
And they all lived happily ever after. Until the stardeck exploded due to the fibula tunnels being tampered with by a rouge securitybot. But don't worry, the forum wasn't designed anything like that one.

4th Jun 2003, 19:45
Hey there. Welcome to the forum. :D

If you've not already, I recommend a visit to the Startopia post at http://www.strategyplanet.com/startopia/ for the patch/mods/news.

Just don't break anything.

Alpha won't be too happy if you do. ;)

4th Jun 2003, 22:36
Let me be the second to welcome you. Feel free to pester us about anything, including where to get a date. (We know a couple of Sirens who put out! ;) ) Enjoy your stay and play lots of mods!

L Croft
5th Jun 2003, 07:27
Welcome WaRoLeX, I'm here because erm well lets not worry about that but welcome anyway.

Narcissus X
5th Jun 2003, 12:43
I'm glad that you finally discovered this game. Somethings to consider while your here would be the Startopia League (which will start eventually, it's an attempt to revive multiplayer) and also to set up arranged games (because if you go into multiplayer, you will probably be alone :( ).

5th Jun 2003, 18:01
Hello. It's always nice to see new vic-members arriving.

5th Jun 2003, 18:38
Y'know, this is the first time I've actually received a reply to one of my threads that dosen't contain some random string of useless spam.


Oh yeah, that reminds me. I've downloaded the modding documents from Muckyfoot, and it looks intresting. Even if it does look like a empty "Math: trigonometry1" exam paper.

1- Is that spelling wrong? Duh...who cares?

8th Jun 2003, 06:19
hopefully the tournament won't start too soon, only one month till I finally have broadband :P

8th Jun 2003, 17:47
Dear me! I have introduced myself yet. Ahem-

Greetings Mortal! I am Exitium (A.K.A. Dracoraptor), I have been here since the beggining of StarTopia! Quake in fear!

If you are interested, please check out the Fan-Forums here, we really do need more participants in our acitivities. Enjoy Sector Zeta Plural MKII, and don't let the Memau bite. Ouch!

8th Jun 2003, 19:50
Hello, I am the coolest and most senier member.

8th Jun 2003, 23:26
Greetings WaRoLeX, if you seek more modding tutorials and info, check out the StarTopia Post's modding section!

9th Jun 2003, 17:40
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
Hello, I am the coolest and most senier member.

The spelling says otherwise.

L Croft
9th Jun 2003, 19:16
and if we are going by post counts I have more posts (but I have posted on most of the sections of the forum.

9th Jun 2003, 23:01
Originally posted by WaRoLeX
useless spam.
[/SIZE] ]

What is that? Those words! can they go together like that!?

Anyways hello,

10th Jun 2003, 10:50
I am another of the old members, I am The Great RPG creator! I created our longest and biggest RPG on the old boards and we now strive to recreate it.

10th Jun 2003, 14:08
Greetings. I'll start with my standard recommendation: visit http://www.rakrent.com/rtsc/rtsc_startopia.htm for a nice little peek into ST. Mod, edit and script. And also vote for the Targ Telecommunication Trust in The Best Mission Contest, at StarTopia Post!

Oh, and don't forget to send me and Mark fan mail:)

10th Jun 2003, 20:48
Originally posted by kool_kats_rule
The spelling says otherwise.

Being cool has nothing to with my damn keyboard. You're just jealous

10th Jun 2003, 21:48
I am MunkeeChum.

Prophet of the Sky Goat (see archives) and The Startopia League.

Check out the website : www.thestartopialeague.tk


10th Jun 2003, 22:46
The Sky Goat is our friend! Come play with us...

11th Jun 2003, 09:51
No! He's deranged!

Sends all 100 Gor employees to restrain him...

Please don't kill them. Don't have the strength of a madman. Please...

12th Jun 2003, 04:46
Ah, yes, before we make our leave back into the life of Sector Zeta Plural MK II, please remember to participate in the Role Playing Game aspect of StarTopia. Don't worry, however, it's nothing like that silly Dungeons & Dragons game. Blegh.

12th Jun 2003, 12:54
Originally posted by Hand-E-Food
The Sky Goat is our friend! Come play with us...

You have too much time on your hands.

12th Jun 2003, 22:24
And what's scarier, I'm at work.

13th Jun 2003, 05:35
Originally posted by Hand-E-Food
And what's scarier, I'm at work.

Work? What is this, "Work?"

With the way the World Economy is going, I may not be well aquainted with this word for a long time. . .

13th Jun 2003, 13:58
Did I say JOIN THE LEAGUE already?

If I did, forgive me repeating myself, JOIN THE LEAGUE: www.thestartopialeague.tk

13th Jun 2003, 21:27
Lets invade the thief forums.

14th Jun 2003, 02:40
That's the best idea I've heard all day. Thief ho!

L Croft
14th Jun 2003, 07:12
yay, can we invade the TR forums on the way back?

14th Jun 2003, 09:49
I wonder if they remember us and the Sky Goat?

L Croft
14th Jun 2003, 11:36
maybe, not much has been going on :rolleyes:

14th Jun 2003, 12:53
[pirate mode]

Arr that be a good idea. Let us slay thos scally wags and swab the decks with their bleeeding corpses.

AHar har

[/pirate mode]

14th Jun 2003, 22:38
What shall we call our ship, I mean thread?

Alpha can be the navigator.


14th Jun 2003, 22:52
Oh? Really? Can I be the commander of the Marines? Erm, I mean, Scallywags that board the ships and such. You know; those guys who carry their swords and pistols with them as they swing across ropes onto the decks of the enemy ship to kill the- Well, you get the picture.

I have a name: The Grey Neutrallity! Mwuahaha!

14th Jun 2003, 23:06
Nah, we need something with more startopia and humour. Not something that will say "Hello, we're a british neutral black & white clan."

How about "The Sirens Bust". It'll also be a laugh when he raid the tomb raider forums.

15th Jun 2003, 12:23
Ahar har. I Loik that name.

The sexual connotations please my pirate brain.

AHr hahrhrh har

15th Jun 2003, 22:33
Maybe we should compete to see whether Sirens or Lara Croft have the bigger... followers.

15th Jun 2003, 22:40
So, "The Siren's Bust" it is?

16th Jun 2003, 05:00
The Siren's Bust it is than cap'n Wolf! First mate Kal'luc reportin' for duty sir! Argh me' mateys! Shiver me timbers! I got to go a stealin' some booty soon, or my restless crew of scallywags may get a bit to rowdy cap'n! Thief, ho!

17th Jun 2003, 17:08
They won't know what hit them.

17th Jun 2003, 17:22
Originally posted by Hand-E-Food
Maybe we should compete to see whether Sirens or Lara Croft have the bigger... followers.

The answer is yes..... but now you have to work out my less obvious inuendo... :p

18th Jun 2003, 03:35
Emphasis on the "yes"?

18th Jun 2003, 16:25
Originally posted by dhama
The answer is yes..... but now you have to work out my less obvious inuendo... :p

I shan't tell them dhama. Its far too rude :p

Does it have something to so with excited males?

18th Jun 2003, 18:02
Originally posted by MunkeeChum
I shan't tell them dhama. Its far too rude :p

Sorry to disappoint you MC, I was just being sarcastic in an ironic kinda way over the continuous mention of Lara's, and any other CGI characters, curvatures. ;)

18th Jun 2003, 21:32
Does this mean your going to halt our invasion of the Thief forums primarily because our lil' pirate ship's name is, "The Siren's Bust??" Helmsmen Omega, erm, quickly! I believe there's an Eddie in the Space Time Continium over there!

19th Jun 2003, 17:23
Originally posted by Exitium
................... I believe there's an Eddie in the Space Time Continium over there!

Well tell Eddie from me, if he don't stop rocking the boat!!!..............