View Full Version : timesplitters 1: worth it?

3rd Jun 2003, 04:41
Hello, I've been playing Timesplitters 2 for a while now, and I was wondering if you guys think it would be worth while to check out the original. Is there a lot of great stuff in there that shouldn't be missed? Or will I not be able to get past the leap backwards in graphics or certain features?
While I'm asking questions, can someone please explain to me what the "online update" everyone talks about is? Is it just a dream in the hopeful minds of online fps junkies?
thanks, that's all for now,

3rd Jun 2003, 05:33
On the online update thing, it's an update some people hope will come out and update TS2 with online capabilities and fix stuff up. No point though. It's like paying full price for a patch. You could get all of this for free on a pc game. They might as well save all this for TS3.

I haven't played Timesplitters but looking at the screenshots, the characters are uglier and more hideous. I'm surpirsed people were used to it. I love the player models in TS2. Anyway I think there's no point to getting tS1 because there really was no story and the multiplayer is the same. But i guess you could play it to see some of the guns you missed out on or the different play modes and stuff.

3rd Jun 2003, 19:46
yeah get it team bag tag, 4 way CTB they rule oh theres also last stand and escort which arnt in there and the Planet x map rocks