View Full Version : Have U played Vice City?

3rd Jun 2003, 00:50
I have. Im getting it for my birthdayand all me mates have it

3rd Jun 2003, 05:17
I was about to get GTA3 but then my mum saw a news report on it and decided not to get it. So the chnaces of me getting any GTA game is none. also it had a big red R18 sticker on it.

6th Jun 2003, 08:34
I've played to death!

Some of the missions are just stupidly difficult though! :mad:

6th Jun 2003, 11:21
Am planning to get it as soon as I get my new computer. Ordered it a few days ago, lovingly nicknamed The Beast.. :D

btw.. is Doom3 out yet? or have I just missed it completely? :confused:

14th Jun 2003, 13:28
100% completion..


23rd Jun 2003, 20:23
i think i got around 70 percent complete i done al the story line but i cannot be bothered to go around lookign for packages...

R10-9 beta
30th Jun 2003, 04:34
i have vice city about 60.0% comp 40 hidden ps

it rocks:D :D :D

1st Jul 2003, 09:06
It's well worth collecting all the hidden packages as when you've got them all it unlocks an armoured helicopter with rocket launchers and machine gun. Get in that bad boy, click R3 to turn on the vigilante mission 'Brown Thunder' and lay waste to Vice City's criminal element :D

I also recommend completing all the stolen car lists at the car showroom as this unlocks the Bloodring Racer which is easily the fastest car in the game.

Reach and complete level 12 of a vigilante mission and you unlock 150 maximum armour. Very handy for the more difficult missions.

Reach and complete level 10 (I think) of the pizza delivery mission and it unlocks 150 maximum health. I've not managed this myself yet as it's rock hard!

The one
21st Jul 2003, 19:02
Yep, I got it. It's too easy if you ask me, some of the levels are pretty hard but if you think a bit they're easy. For example the mission 'The Fastest Boat'. Instead of running in with all guns blazing, (it is possible to do it this way but you need a good gun, tons of ammo and most of all, a load of luck) take a dinghy with a PSG1 and blow all the guards heads off. You can then dock the boat and press the switch to lower the boat with no resistance, then its the simple matter of killing the builders who come after you with tools and making off with the fastest boat in Vice City. Mind the police boats on the way back to Diaz' mansion.:p