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Glass Ghost
2nd Jun 2003, 03:15
ok, i know how much you guys hate talk about a sequal, well maybe not hate it but fear it... well i don like talking bout it at he risk of being flamed, but i need o know. was on gamespy a week ago and a message poped up on my screen it said "Startopia II?"

what the hell...

2nd Jun 2003, 04:35
I think you can spared a flaming for an actual sighting.

Are you sure it wasn't StarCraft 2? If you see the ad again, save a copy of it and post it here.

2nd Jun 2003, 04:40
Originally posted by Hand-E-Food
I think you can spared a flaming for an actual sighting.

Ohhh. Why not?

<Sunrise disappointedly puts his flamethrower away>

2nd Jun 2003, 05:42
Look, it's only fair to expect people to hallucinate such things. Once they've had a sit down, a nice stiff glass of ice-cold water (preferably thrown on them), and a good think about it, they'll realise that it was just what they wanted to see.

Glass Ghost
3rd Jun 2003, 02:39
thx guys, if it turns up agian ill let you know

Medical Grey
4th Jun 2003, 05:53
I hope that it did say startopia 2. Oh and by the way, I have my flame thrower out right now. So if it said starcraft2, prepare for flaming a plenty.

4th Jun 2003, 07:47
Steady... There could be both. Unlikely though.

4th Jun 2003, 20:17
If one hint of vicous projectile fire from Medical Grey he will be staring down the barring of Byperblex Blaster Array. :D

I seriously doubt that it would be StarTopia as there is no word from mucky foot

Medical Grey
11th Jun 2003, 08:41
Medical grey puts his flamer down. And picks some flowers and shoves them down Arctics barrel. "Peace Man \/"

11th Jun 2003, 22:56
*Fire's Byberblex Blaster Array various sub-atomic bits of flowers are combined in the goo that is Medical Greys head.*

I needed that :D

12th Jun 2003, 06:22
Arctic, next time, hit a pillow!

<gathers Medical Grey's head and moulds it back onto his neck>

I got most of the flowers out, though that one coming out of your scalp looks cute.

Medical Grey
12th Jun 2003, 08:17
"Theres still a flower in my scalp! Thats it! Im going home. Get out of my house you swine! I hate you all!" (Lame cartman impersonation)

12th Jun 2003, 22:46
We're not in your house. We're on the other end of the computer. That's the great thing about the Internet! We can do these things without even entering your home.

Medical Grey
13th Jun 2003, 00:52

13th Jun 2003, 03:50
Unfortunately? Damn, now you've made me feel the same vibe I felt when the Kill the Frog Wars started. Well, I guess it must begin again. . .

"Medical Grey! You are accused of illegally conspiring to fry a newcomer into a fine crisp. How do you plead? Ah! I know what you are thinking. I'm the one asking questions here! Don't make me summon a fleet of insectoid creatures to torture you"

Exitium (Whatever he really is proceeds to hand-cuff Medical Grey and and force him to a court room. We can only guess how desperate our omni-shaped being is for another KTF War. . .

Medical Grey
13th Jun 2003, 06:36
"Unhand me good sir, or I will be forced to detonate : Le Bomb strapped to my waist."
And with that medicalgrey starts to yell out for help!

13th Jun 2003, 18:53
Kill The Frog wars? I think your mistaken, the name of that thread was Kermit The Frog Wars, remember him? And KrazyKermit, they had a fight, then Alpha Broght in his pastry squad of doom and Arctic started phasing around everywhere. This tangled mess formed our First RPG, except I formed our first True RPG, we all know that :D

13th Jun 2003, 19:09
As I remember, it was Kill the Frog, as in, burn the frog at the stake. Although my memory is a bit tricky these days. . . Erm, why does my head hurt?

As I remember it, Kermit's planet with the race of evil frogs on it got stuck within a time warp and aged a thousand years, raising an army of thousands of evil Frogs. Frog Fighters came out of nowhere, and my ancient fleet that was taken from the Empire in Star Wars fought bravely. Alas, Kermit surrenderd.

Ahem, now, will you help me stick this Grey in a jail cell or what? I really want to release my Evil Insectoids of Doom upon his entire race now. . .