View Full Version : Assertion Failed - Objects

1st Jun 2003, 08:09
At Friday I installed Thief 2 again and copied the DromEd files, into the folder. When I open DromEd and want to go into the gamemode this error comes:

Obj ID 23093324 is our range in cObjArray:: operator [] (m_Bounds.min == -8192, m_Bounds.max == 2400) (File: ObjArray.h, Line 101)

I think something is wrong with the objects, but I don't know what ! :( :confused:
It' s not only my mission, even in the original missions the error comes !

3rd Jun 2003, 22:41
check in your thief folder for


sometimes they dont install right for some reason. ive sometimes had a problem where they simply disappear for no reason at all!

8th Jun 2003, 09:50
I don't konw why, but the error is gone :D
I simply installed it on another hard disk and know everything is ok :)