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31st May 2003, 09:29
Lara to me looks like someone who needs a good old fashion hug, thinking of aod and what Lara has to go through and what she has been through I figure once in a while Lara needs her friends to hug her. I know in Rev one of her friends does which is great. A time I feel Lara needs a hug is in the movie and she gets the letter from her father and she's sitting on the staircase reading the letter man she looks sad.

Thanhkim - here is my HUG FOR LAR'S HUGGGGGGG oh such soft puffy hair you have Lar's. Lara says thanks oh by the way my hair is not puffy.

PS Yes I know Lara is not real but if she was real she needs hugs. So hug a Lar's.

31st May 2003, 11:53
As a character, the only person that would get away with a hug would have been her father. Her persona is focused and strong so I believe she would shrug off most of her misfortune with ease after a few tears.

31st May 2003, 15:06
Hmm, did a little search. ;)


\Lar\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A species of gibbon (Hylobates lar), found in Burmah.

hylobates lar

n : smallest and most perfectly anthropoid arboreal ape having long arms and no tail; of southern Asia and East Indies [syn: gibbon, Hylobates lar]

So I guess you want me to hug an ape?

31st May 2003, 15:33
Originally posted by DKSM
\Lar\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A species of gibbon (Hylobates lar), found in Burmah.

Addendum: Lar, also protective household God in Roman mythology.

31st May 2003, 19:18
hmmm... i would do much mmore by hugging her,.. ofcourse she wouldn't know that ;)

L Croft
31st May 2003, 19:30
yeah if she knew you might get a bit hurt :p

31st May 2003, 22:09
Originally posted by DKSM

So I guess you want me to hug an ape?

A small agile arboreal anthropoid ape to be more precise.... and yes, please go ahead; but don't forget to post the pics here please mate. :D

Blind Intentions
1st Jun 2003, 05:03
I'd give Lara a hug, but not in her TR1 form...she could impale someone with those babies! :eek:

2nd Jun 2003, 21:20
I gave my Norwegian friend Lars a hug once.
He introduced me to his blonde sister Inga, and the rest is Jacuzzi history.