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30th May 2003, 21:01
well in the original TS they had all the story level and u could go just about any where. but in TS2 they dont have some of them plus tehre are less places to fight.

for instance in the arcade league and challenge u can play at the DAM like it was in arcade but cant get the level in arcade.

others like PlanetX, NotreDam, chicago there are more

This is the most disapointing thing in teh game becasue u cant play these level and for instance wil west would have been goon in the place rigth at teh end of the level.

7th Jun 2003, 12:11
I think I know why. I think the Dam might be too big to load as a multiplayer map. It is too wide open. I know because one time I made a map that was all wide open, when it said it was done loading it still had to load a while. I don't know howcome in story mode though it works fine :confused: Well that's why I think.

As for the TS1 explanation:
The graphics weren't as good and there wasn't as much programming to load for the level so that (i think) is why.

I hope that helps.

8th Jun 2003, 11:16
hmm, your probably right there...
but still, imagine an online/ilink battle with sniper rifles against 16 people a the damb... *sighs*