View Full Version : Strategies for elimination

30th May 2003, 19:28
ok guys depending on how long u have had the game (i since the release date)

Depending on how much u play Arcade u must have learnt in elimination that the bots gang up on u til u die. This happens in multiplayer with any amount of people.

I have tried many strategies some work considerable better than others. Proxmitiy mines work the best cause they just run into them.

but if there are no mines then u have some serious trouble when u fight 10bots on 5star difficulty.

and if u think its easy try it with one shot kill they u dont have a chance trust me

gretal mkIII
30th May 2003, 19:34
I think that if you get in a position with only one way to get to you (room with one door or sumat) and cover that gap with machine gun fire yuo may be able to kill them before they hert you 2 much. Maybe:confused:

30th May 2003, 19:59
yeah thats a good one but once u die u have to struggle outside again.

theres just so few of them in the maps