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30th May 2003, 18:05
What do I have to do to get my Chocobo's out of the 'Can't breed yet' stage.
Been playing 3 hours+ since it first said that. (Racing them too.) Still says they can't breed. I'm on disk 3, am i doing something wrong? Or just impatient?

5th Jun 2003, 18:22
...I think...it's been a while, but you need to do....can't remember....could be 4 or 12....

Do some random battles, to pass time. I think 4 battles were enough to pass the waiting period..

Like I said it's been a long time, but I used to go to one of the small islands above Midgar, that had...some huge red type of monster...this monster you could steal...those nuts...forgot their name too....that would allow you to breed a Gold Choc. I would just battle those guys 4 or 7 times, then go back to the farm....maybe it was 7 to pass a day? I can't remember.