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29th May 2003, 15:10
But it's really not a big deal; comments that "Eidos' ongoing vampire series is the pinnacle of videogame production values", "This realization of the franchise is said to have more action than any of the previous installments, and may have as many scares as it does fights. Sounds good to us!", a Strong Potential, ratings-wise, and a final thought "If Defiance wants to prove to its skeptics that it's the real deal, the combat system and puzzles will need to improve two-fold over Soul Reaver and Blood Omen." Release date tentatively 11/03.

This is from IGN's PS2 "Panic on PS2", article, listing the upcoming horror genre games; LOK: D shares a mini-preview page w/the new Castlevania PS2 game...
Link: http://ps2.ign.com/articles/421/421209p1.html

So glad to see the Lost as being mentioned! Someone publish it already!!! And my sister wants the Suffering-I knew as soon as I saw screenshots for it, that she'd want it. Ugh-think I'll have her play when I'm not here.

Lady Kreliana
29th May 2003, 18:20
Hey, any news on Defiance is good news. No matter how small. :) Thanks for posting it.