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28th May 2003, 17:59
I wonder what will be in the next installment of the SR series? I mean, is Legacy of Kain: Defiance it? I personally hope that the Soul Reaver series goes towards a final fantasy sort of length but that it still retains it's incredible fun and stuff. That's all for now, tell me your thoughts on this subject. Thanks!

28th May 2003, 19:05
Yeah, Defiance is it. But it's not the Soul Reaver series, it's the Legacy of Kain Series. Soul Reaver is part of it.

Anyway, I highly doubt Defiance will equal FF games in length. But I do suspect it may just turn out to be the best in the series.

28th May 2003, 20:40
Due to the nature of the games, it is very difficult to make an action/adventure game equal the length of a Final Fantasy-esque RPG. Most of the length of an FF game happens in the level-building process, and so far the only action games that have really tried to match that process (and thus increased their length) are the more recent installments of Castlevania (Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, etc.), which did have some very RPG-style elements in them, and pulled the action/RPG combo off quite well.

Some adventure games have managed to attain admirable length, but even these fall far short of what you'd get out of an FF game. Zelda is probably the best known lengthy adventure game series, and most of these can easily be completed in under ten hours - nowhere near the 40-50 you spend on most FF games.

Bottom line, most of FF's length is in filler material, such as mini-games, sidequests, and level building. The actual plotline is probably right around ten hours long - in fact, I'm quite sure that if you could shoot straight through, an entire FF game (especially X, which was woefully short) would probably only take about 12-15 hours of total play. I had a friend once that decided to time how long it would take him to get through FF VI (III in the States) at level 99 (he used cheat codes, which I abhor), and found that he could complete it, paying attention to the entirety of the storyline, in under 15 hours - so really, the "meat" of an FF game isn't all that much longer than many standard adventure games are now.

I'm not saying what you're asking for is a bad idea - just think of all the elements of what makes an FF game what it is before you expect CD to turn LoK into that kind of series. Personally, I don't think they'd mesh that well, and really, I like the games the way they are. Admittedly, I'd prefer to see them be a little longer than SR2 was (SR1 was actually a very good length for this type of game), but if they try to stretch it into the 30+ hour range, I think they'll have to cut out something else - and we all know what happens to this series when things start getting cut. The saving grace of most good action/adventure games is replayability - so long as the game's fun, I'll play through it more than once. Maybe not more than once in a month, but I'll still pick it up from time to time - and that's what makes the purchase worth it, I think.