View Full Version : Problems with geforce fx 5800 ultra.

27th May 2003, 23:32
Hi, ive been looking around and found no mention of a solution to my problem. I previously had a geforce4mx and ffvii was running sweet with the xp patch in hardware d3d.

After buying and upgrading to a nice new 5800 ultra all the videos just look like a mess of blocky colours totally corrupted. Ive tried 3 different drivers the latest 44.03, the ones i had with my card in the box and an even older set but with no luck.

Ive had 2 games so far that did work that now dont since i had the FX. Is this a matter for eidos or nvidia im not sure but the the other games problem was solved by the makers. Anyone know a solution if there is any ?


28th May 2003, 14:40
Is Antialiasing completely off? It needs to be off. You can play with that feature later, once it works correctly.

Maybe the 8 bit pallet isn't working on that card or something?

Try disabling it and use the whole TNT patch, including the FF7.exe from the patch.

To disable the 8 bit pallet, your going to need Rivatuner, the only problem is going to be that Rivatuner is probably not updated for the latest drivers yet. The test on the FF7config's "8 bit pallet" needs to say Fail for this to work.

The option should be somewhere under Textures, inside Rivatuner.

Rivatuner latest editions can be found on a russian site. Just click on the little Floppy looking drive icon beside, "Rivatuner2 12.4".


Also in Rivatuner, there are some extra options inside the AntiAlaising part....turn them all off. I can't remember what they are.