View Full Version : Famous films in the same line of "The China Syndrome"

The Godfather
27th May 2003, 19:28
Could you help me out for a friend here? He asked me to name a few famous films (thus easily to find in the local video store ... in Belgium; mind you. So don't come up with anything local that cannot be found here, please! :D) that had something to do with nuclear power plants and the possible life-threatening danger that could come along with this. Any other names, please?

By the way: I already mentioned that he should watch a few Simpsons-episodes in which Mr. Burns' nuclear power plant-factory is playing a main role. Hehehe ... that should be very funny for his paper.

Thanks a lot, folks!

Bye for now

27th May 2003, 23:35
The first thing that came to my mind was The Andromeda Strain.
It's not a nuclear danger story as such, but it's got a lot to do with
lockdown and containment.
Then I did a bit of research and found Silkwood
with Meryl Streep (I don't really like her but this is a great movie).
It's the true story of a whistleblower who brings attention to the dangers
of a nuclear power plant.
If I think of any more I'll post 'em.

Lara Croft Online
28th May 2003, 02:11
http://www.toxicavenger.com/gallery/albums/episode1/aay.jpg :eek:

The Godfather
29th May 2003, 14:59
Thanks to y'all!

bye for now