View Full Version : What exactly is software mode??

23rd May 2003, 15:54
I have seen people solving problems by playing it in software mode? Is this just the option in the FF7 config that is default set to 'Software Renderer'. If it is, this seems to be the only selection I have.

23rd May 2003, 19:04
Small Window.....

Software mode in the Small window mode, solves some misterious crashes.

If you have a Geforce card, it's possible to run the game in Hardware mode. Just need the FF7config.exe from the TNT patch, and select the Hardware Render option. Don't select any of the Nvidia options.

I haven't tested this with the latest drivers, just found out that they released some DX9 compatible drivers last week. I haven't tested FF7 with DX9 either for that matter. And I'm kinda reluctant to try them.....there is no uninstall feature, once you go to the next version of DirectX, there is no going back with out reinstalling windows.

27th May 2003, 23:24
There is actually a program or two for removing DX i used it with a beta 9 and it worked no problem. You had to run in safe mode then use the program to remove all dx files.

Cant recall the name, something simple like dx uninstaller :p