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23rd May 2003, 11:44
PAST DATE (3003)
The galaxy of StarTopia (A.K.A. The Milky Way) is at its peak. The Dragonians protect what is left of their once great poplous with the Galactic Police Force (GPF), and the evil forces of Ghyron are held in check by the Arctanian forces. However, the era of peace would be severely short lived. In 3005, the galaxy of StarTopia collides with the near-by Andromeda galaxy for causes unkown, but we can guess that the evil Ghyron was surely behind it. With the vast resources of an entire new galaxy at their feet, the first nine space-faring nations attempt to stake a claim at what they considered their rightful new lands. With this, a new apocolyptic war starts between them. Unlike the vasts fleets that were once seen a century before, invidiual ships are strengthed to protect the individual territories that the races fought over. The GPF, desperate to stop the hatching war, fought bravely to the very end. Eventually, Dragonia Prime was attacked by the Kasvagorians. Now the surface is nothing but a wasteland. The war would now strech vast pieces of land, and no mercy would be shown.

The end of that war was four hundred years ago. Now once might civilizations lay in ruins, and entire fleets orbit their resting places send a frightful message from the past to those of the present and beyond. The galaxy more than twice the size it was before, it literally takes months to cross it even in the fastest of hyper-space drives. Now, near the edge of the new galaxy lies the largest nebula. A huge red nebula recorded as N4020, or the Aquillian Nebula. On any sensor, a faint ping could be heard from the the thinnest layer of Hydrogen, and this is what one probe was picking up. But this was no ordinary probe, this probe was a thousand years old, and it was owned by none other than Ghyron. . .

(OOC: So this literally means no super-fleets. Just small fleets, but do not underestimate the power of a single ship. No super-ships, however. Such as a five mile long Dreadnaught. Instead, how about a two mile long Cruiser as the maximum? Maybe a kilometer long frigate? I expect you all to follow all other rules and become polite and corteous. And no Ghyron, you may not cover square light-years worth of nebula in a mine-field. That would be difficult. And one more thing, it takes two months to cross the galaxy in the fastest hyper-drive, although it takes one to do so in a conventional worm-hole. There is no worm-hole conveniently located near the nebula, however.)

23rd May 2003, 22:40
How about roles? Lets all get this clear before we start RPGing so we have a good idea who and what everyone is.

Supreme Commander Arctic Wolf relegated and driven from Arctannia after becoming evil. Believed to have achieved a state of pure energy through meditation and physical hardship. Thats all what your characters can know at the start, except ghyron who will no doubt already know what comes next, so heres the character development bit. When achieving this state he left behind a progeny, oen that would take one thousand years to mature in order to carry on that legacy. Whats most interesting about this progeny is that it is a shapeshifter, even being that have evolved beyond the physical can have a sense of humour.

Under the guise of just another Arctannian this progeny joined the defence force and became a prodegy displays pheonominal intelligence, telekinetic and evoking powers. He was press-ganged into the Arctannian Defence Navy and quickly rose to commander. He played a vital role in the 600 years war, defending Arctannia, counter-attacking and important skirmishes. So all your characters will know is that there was a prodegy from Arctannia responcible for them coming out of the war alive and sovereign. This prodegy is called Arctic Wolf stangely enough :D

There ya go, a nice character history. And yes as you should well have noticed by now my ego could fit in the George W. Bush 1000 times :D

26th May 2003, 07:59
Note to self: Destroy George W. Bush's Great-great-great-great grandson or whatever.

I might join this one later, but I have a headache, and have problems starting at the beginning.

Senor v2
26th May 2003, 10:27
After years of serving under Arctic Wolf, Senor has gone into retirement and only ever ventures into space with his old war comrades.
After reading the local newscell Senor and his buddies feel the need to restore the galaxy to its old self, and eliminate all traces of evil from it.
With an enormous yell of Kablingy! ringing out through Spanisha, it was time for Senor to enter the latter stages of his life, and was confident of ending it as a legend and a hero.

27th May 2003, 20:21
Since my CD-rom drive has failed me (thus startopia doesn't work noooooooooooooooooooo) I will come here more oftem and may as well join in.

Before the war Sunrise entered a state of deep hibernation at the centre of an astoroid which he had changed into his home about 100 years before the war. When the war was announced officialy. He shut down the heating system droping his home to below 200*C. He then settled down to hibernate setting the heating to revive him in a thousand years later in a galaxy he hoped would have rebuilt itself and restored peace. No such luck.
As the heating revived him he bruched the ice from his eylids and sat down. After several hours of thinking and warming up he got up and wandered over to the comsensor and switched it on. Through all the frequencies was static. Static static static. All he picked up was a distress beacon. 420 years old. No point answering it. He jumped into his fighter attached to the asteroid and flew round the area that was once his home. Only as he rounded his asteroid and gazed over the asteroid field he realised how lucky he'd been. None of the asteroids were bigger than a few metres. The forcefield round his house was the only thing that had protected him. Hulls of ships lay scattered acoss the asteroid field. He flew through looking for anything he could scavenge. He picked out a few weapons that looked relativly unscathed and beamed them aboard. Only as he was returning did he spot a small ship, made mostly of junk, jammed into the side of a relativly large asteroid. There were lights. As he neared the ship the comsensor crackled and recieved a signal.

Targ Voice: Please don't shoot us. We are an unarmed ship ready to surrender.

Sunrise: I'm not here to hurt you. What happened here?

Targ Voice: The steering mechanism froze up and we crashed into the asteroid. The heating system is failing.

Sunrise: Before that. Why are all these destroyed ships here? Whats your name anyway?

Targ Voice: My name is Bzznipnik. Bik for short. This was where the last battle of the great war was held. How could you not know?

Sunrise: I've been in hibernation for 1000 years or so. I'll tow you back to my home you can repair there and i have plenty of food. I forgot to stop the food deliverys when I entered hibernation. Who is on your ship?

Bzznipnik: Me and another Targ, a Grey and a Siren. We are all friends. Thank you for your kindness.

B]Sunrise[/B]: No problem Bik

27th May 2003, 22:10
-=The Dark Rift - 989 Years ago=-

JSWY: Are you sure this is the only way out of here Nav? The Kasvagorians are right behind us...

Nav: Positive, we should be able to lose them through the Anamoly known as the Dark Rift, it still leads to Sector Zeta Plural. We can regroup there...

<The TN Meridian Dance moves into position infront of the opening to The Dark Rift>

Nav: Jump sequence initiated...20...19...Error...there is an inconsistency in the phase alignment readings...the Rift is in its twice galactic shift. Do you wish to continue?

JSWY: Of course! We're gonna get massacared by those Gors, continue the jump!

Nav: Anamoly jump in proggggg.......

-=Unknown Area, 5 Years ago=-

<The TN Meridian Dance flew out of a gravimetric anamoly and crash landed on a small M-Class planet near the New Galactic Centre. The Ship was damaged beyond repair and was stripped for resources to create a makeshift colony. It was 3 years later when a branch of one of the many traders leages that had formed arrived on the planet and set up a small base and told the survivors where they were and what had happened, and provided assistance. The makeshift colony would become the trading city of Hispera, and in the skies above floats the trading outpost of Waystation Theta-34. JSWY took a copy of the Nav program and built a new underground hangar near Hispera. The planet was named after its first city. It turned out that the planet was located in New Galactic Sector (01, -01), about 10,000 LY's East of Draconia Prime>

-=Planet Hispera, Present Time=-

Nav: All checks completed, preparing the TGH Meridian Child for lift off...

JSWY: Well Nav, lets see what we can find out there...

Ship Specs Soon!

27th May 2003, 22:35
(OOC: On other note, you may only control minor characters of other players when absolutely neccasary in times of peace, and they may only talk as well.)

<Spanisha, the sun is setting on the planet's capital. Inside the capitol building, several Salt Hogs were discussing the wonders of mucuus wine and several inappropriate drinking games as wells. As they went on with their idle discussion, a Salt Hog came storming in to the room with a panicked Salt Hog look on his Salt Hog face. He quickly gave a shakey salute and was gasping for air.>

Salt Hog: "Senor Presidente! We have a very urgent matter that needs your immediate attending! A ship in the Nebula N4020 has picked up strange signals coming from an abandoned probe!"

Spanisha President: "Qué usted dijo!? We must send an immediate investigation team, that nebula is large and dangerous. You know who to send for."

Salt Hoge: "Erm, who might that be Senor Presidente?"

Spanisha President: "Senor Salt Hog you Bile Worm food, hurry! I will give him orders in two hundred, step to it!"

<As the terrified Salt Hog raced to the residence of Senor Salt Hog, another ominous presence was hanging over Hispera. It could only be one thing, the ancient Dragonian ship, the Masaki. Although it looked nothing like the old Dragonian Battleship, it was now a nebula harvester. The hangers now carried Hydrogen contaiment tanks, and it was like that for the rest of the ship too. Instead of directly communicating, the ship was sending out random E-Mails that were filtered out as Spam on 99% of all computers in the galaxy, although this was not it for JSWY's E-Mail.>

Sender: Nebulon Hydrogen Harvesting Industries
Salutations from the NHHI (Pronounced N-EE)! We have recently found a huge supply of hydrogen in the Aquillian Nebula (Or N4020) and are looking for a buyer. We are sure that you would love a nice supply of the most abundant element in the universe. Right?

28th May 2003, 02:31
---Bridge, ADNV Neutral Solstace---

ping ping ping ping ping

Arctic Wolf: Comm, shut that damn thing off, Contempory music is just rubbish

Comm: Sorry sir.

pi...boing boing boing

Arctic Wolf: Comm...

Comm: Its not me sir!

Arctic Wolf: Then who is it?

Comm: Nebula

Arctic Wolf: Nebula's don't go boing

Comm: This one does.

Arctic Wolf: Which nebula is it?

Comm: N4020

Arctic Wolf: Well I suppose we should investigate, set a course.

Tech: Bye Bye, sir

Arctic Wolf: That's ayIEEEEEE

<The Arctannians made numourous breakthrough in spped but for some reason, almost none in stabilizers and seat belts.>

28th May 2003, 21:08
As the two ships drew up to Sunrise's asteroid home he shifted some of the food with his tractor beam to clear a space for them to land. When they landed one of the targs went to do some repairs while the grey tended to some of the sirens wounds in the makeshift sickbay in a spare room. Bzznipnik and Sunrise went into the main room.

Sunrise: Do you wan't some food?

Bzznipnik: Yes please! I'm starving.

Sunrise: So what are you doing around here? Nobody used to come here.

Bzznipnik: Me and my friends have been going round the galaxy sightseeing. This was the last place we were visiting only because it was on the trip home. Some pirates ambushed us nearby and we lost them in here. But not before we'd taken a few hits. They disabled out weapons and our heating sytems. Which is why the controls froze up.

<Just then the Targ that had been fixing the ship came in rubbing his hands in an oily rag>

Bzznipnik: Sunrise, meet Zipeepip

Sunrise: Hello

Zipeepip: I've managed to fix the heating but the damage to the weapons is beyond repair.

Sunrise: Don't worry. I scavenged some weapons and parts from the wrecks. Your ship seems to be made mostly of junk anyway.

Bzznipnik: We seem to be having a run of bad luck. We've been attacked 4 times during this sightseeing trip.

Sunrise: Well excuse me while I go and fit some of the weapons I picked up onto my ship. The ones I have seem to be badly out of date. Help yourself to any food you can find. I can't eat it all myself.

28th May 2003, 21:14
Sunrise, what exactly are you doing? :confused:

28th May 2003, 22:52
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
Sunrise, what exactly are you doing? :confused:

Well, like myself, if you were frozen for 1000 years, you'd at least want to explore the galaxy a bit :D

-=Dragonia Prime (Ruins of), a few hours later=-

<JSWY is studying some navigation charts intently>

Nav: Sir, we've arrived at the location of Dragonia Prime, scans indicate that the planet is surrounded by a radioactive debris field...The Meridian Child can probably make it through, scans also indicate active weapons platforms, charting safest course...Planetary scans also indicate a small amount of working devices on the planet's surface, possibly Data recorders.

JSWY: Activate the radiation shields, follow charted course...

<The Meridian Child slowly enters the Dragonia Debris Field>

JSWY: Well this is certainly familiar...

Nav: Is it?

JSWY: Been through far too many of these fields, slow the ship down, try to reduce our engine signature as much as possible, the weapons platforms won't pick us up in this radiation cloud.

Nav: According to these charts, Dragonia Prime the planet no longer exists in name, these charts are old but the planet is now known as "The Information Graveyard". This probably means that the council data recording mainframe is still active in the main city, it must contain a lot of information about what's happened.

JSWY: A planet that was the seat of the Council, now reduced to a wasteland where passers-by brave enough to go through the field can record their information...quite odd...

29th May 2003, 06:05
Why not do that in a Character history like I did instead of wasting everyone's time? :mad:

29th May 2003, 06:41
Calm down Artic Wolf. If people star shouting the RPG will fall into ruins... again...

29th May 2003, 09:54
-=Data Recording Centre, Dragonia Prime (Ruins of)=-

ENTRY - 25/3/3005: We were attacked by the Gors again this morning, our orbital defences are rapidly failing, I doubt Dragonia will last another week.

ENTRY - 26/3/3005: The arrival of the TN Meridian Dance and her fleet has slowed the advance of the Gor's, it gives us enough time for some of the populace to escape...

REMOTE ENTRY - Escape Craft T-453 - 28/3/3005: The fleet of the Meridian Dance has been mostly destroyed, the Gors have deployed a weapon that has instantly reduced the planet to a barren wastelands, millions have died in this process. Our path is safe, the Gors have chased the Meridian Dance out of the system, I have no idea where she went...

JSWY: Looks like all the entries after this are "Graffiti marks" in the system, hang on...

ENTRY - 2/12/3931: I mananged to link in with the Recieving dishes scattered accross the planet, some are picking up a faint "ping" sound from a red Nebula on the edge of the galaxy...

JSWY: Nav? Can you access the reciever dish computer? The entry gives some co-ordinates...

Nav: Plug my pad into the socket next to the coffee dispensor computer.

<JSWY plugs the small datapad containing the Nav program into the Reciever Dish computer>

Nav: Attempting standard scan of specified Co-ordinates...

<A "Ping Ping" sound fills the room>

Nav: I have the general location of the source, the nebula in question is on the edge of the known Galaxy, galactic South-West from here, it will take a long time to reach there with our current drive capactity...

JSWY: Check the maps here can cross reference them with our maps, note anything that might indicate a wormhole...

29th May 2003, 11:50
Crew Member: "What's this, a video? Erm, sir, I can't get it to shut down, I'm putting it on our new screen."

As the computer displayed the old Windows loading screen on its monitor, a crew member of JSWY's came storming through the doors and produced a crisp salute. He was dressed in an unusually Earth like sailor's suit, this meant he must have been the janitor or some other obscure crew-member aboard the new ship.>

Crew Member: "What's this, a video? Erm, sir, I can't get it to shut down, I'm putting it on our new screen."

"Janitor": "Sir! We have gotten an interesting E-Mail from NNIH; it sounds like a limited time offer, and are we watching a streaming movie or-"

Crew in Unison: "Sh!"

<The room darkened and a huge flat screen video screen popped out of a panel in the ceiling. You could hear the crunching of popcorn and the slurping of soda as the movie began. It displayed a very nice looking map of Dragonia, and the voice of a Terran starred as the narrator. . .>

Narrator: "The year is 3395 Galactic Standard. Dragonia is in a state of decay and unrest. The population of one million Dragonians has died down to less than ten thousand after a bloody massacre from directed meteors that had supposedly came from the Kasvagorian Kingdom."

<The picture changed to show what was once a beautiful urban sprawl on Dragonia Prime become smashed by thousands of hover-car sized meteors crashing down upon the vast cityscape. Any flying vehicles quickly fleed from the scene in all directions, falling to the depths below as they ran into eachother at dangerous velocities. The picture was fast-forward by the computer to show total chaos and destruction. Many of the tall sky-scrapers had fallen to the bottom, kilometers below, and fires could be seen to the horizon. The sounds of sirens, screams, and ruin were clearly heard by anyone in the room. The picture then changed, now it was showing a council meeting between Dracoraptor and many of the other last Dragonians.>

Narrator: "After nearly a decade of debate and war between the Kasvagorian Kingdom, newly elected Emperor Dracoraptor then issued that the Dragonian race would quit all outside projects, and seclude themselves from the remainder of the universe. They sold the Sanctuary system to the Terran race (Who at the time had lost Earth to an unknown species of Aliens). Five years later, Dragonia would become a self-sufficient empire under martial-law. The killing would not stop, however, and the war continued. . ."

<The picture changed to show a huge Kasvagorian flag-ship move onwards. Ships could be seen as far as the eye could see. It than changed again to reveal a Dragonian fleet of the same status, late by the ill-fated Masaki. The picture changed yet again to show a picture of Dragonia Prime's blue sky. Although this was no ordinary sky. Even during the day, the huge explosions and weapons fire could be seen from the surface, and burning debris was not uncommon. A stray laser shot then destroyed the recording camera. This time the picture was now pointing at the city-scape again, hundreds of nuclear bombs were going off now.>

Narrator: "The Kasvagorians, desperate for a victory, used obsolete weapons against the surface during the first three days of the fight. Twenty-five percent of all beings living on Dragonia died during the attacks. But this would not be the thing to finish them off."

<This time the video screen was projecting an even more frightening video. A Kasvagorian cruiser was crashing down with the equatorial station. At first it was slow, but than fire engulfed the camera.>

Narrator: "The giant space station orbiting Dragonia Prime's equator crashed down upon itself, and destroyed all life on the planet. The planet's plates turned into hot magma and the great cityscape was no more. The Dragonian flag-ship, the Masaki, was captured and thrown into the Galactic Core as an insult. . ."

<Now it was illustrating thousands of heads on bloody pikes on the Kasvagorian home world.>

Narrator: "Any survivors in space were executed after a week of fighting. The PSI Corps members and Dragonians were tortured for months on end. They were finally given a public hanging and anything from small Terran children to the Emperor Dracoraptor ended up on pikes."

29th May 2003, 13:34
Lol, put that next to say...one of the old Final Fantasy starting tunes (you know, the one where the story scrolls by really slowly) and you got a winner, anyway enough rambling...

-=TGN Meridian Child, Dragonian space=-

Crew member: Oh now that is just gross...Pretty glad I wasn't there...

Janitor: You were you idiot, we fought in that battle

<The janitor slaps the crew member on the back of the head and a small scale fight breaks out, which quickly stops as the ship activates its rather puny Hyperdrive>

JSWY: This is your captain speaking, we are heading to the Baro Wormhole, this should take us much closer to the Nebula. However, for some unknown reason, there are no wormholes that are close to the nebula, so there is going to be some hyperspace time on the other side, that is all.

Nav: I've looked at our charts further, and by cross referncing those we have with the ones that we discovered in the ruins, there has been significant changes in boarders since 3003. Some of the records left in the system contained maps or the boarders at that time, throughout the 600 year war. That film said that the Terrans had lost Earth, even the Karmarama's made territorial advances into Siren territory, the Grey's moved against the Gor's and failed quite miserably and the Salt Hogs were knocking at the Gem slug homeworld. Whats odd is there is a gap in the recording of the maps, and those after show most territories have backed away considerably. The only cause I can see for this is a complete simoultainous breakdown of the galactic economy.

JSWY: What about Dragonia Prime, can you assertain a cause on why they were attacked from the maps?

Nav: Negative, although they made an attempt to seclude themselves after the first attack.

JSWY: Very odd...

29th May 2003, 22:02
Hmm, never thought about that JSWY, maybe I should attach a file for one? Heh, just a thought of course. Now, on with the story. . .

<Once the great Arctic Wolf had arrived at the outskirts of the nebula, he could clearly see why it was so mysterious. The nebula itself, was the largest in the new galaxy, and the scanners had trouble picking up its size. It was light-years across, of course. Many of the crew-members stared in awe at is beauty, the red nebula was not, however, gleaming from the inside. It was the outside star-light that was gleaming off of the hydrogen gas.>

Science Officer: "Sir Arctic, sir. It appears that there's a thick layer of Hydrogen blocking our scanners from probing into the nebula's core. We might have to go in ourselves to get a good connection. Wait, what's this on radar?"

Com Officer: "It must be the probe we picked up yesterday. It has the exact same signal. Although it's not in distress or serving as a warning beacon. Could it be an exploration probe? Hmmm, should I send out a shuttle to retrieve the probe sir?"

<As the two officers were discussing these matters, a huge burst of sound came through the ship's speakers. It sounded much like that of a loud, eerie, whale's song. That, and nails on a electric chalk-board. The ship's entire crew was writhing in agony. It was not from the mysterious probe, however. . .>

29th May 2003, 22:48
-=TGH Merdian Child, Baro Wormhole=-

Nav: Sir, why was a propaganda video displayed in the crew relaxation room? The date given was nearly 400 years off, I cannot confirm the date of the video, but considering the inaccuracies, it was probably after the war. We were above that planet when the Gor's attacked, and the date was the 26/3/3005. The video didn't mention us actually.

JSWY: Is there any alien DNA on the tape?

Nav Actually there is, Karmarama DNA, lots of it

JSWY: The Karmaramas were significant opponents of the Gors, this is probably some propaganda video produced by them long after Dragonia Prime's destruction, see if you can discover anything else from the data records.

Nav: Roger, return to normal space in 3 hours...

29th May 2003, 23:44
<After an entire day of worm-hole travel, the TGH Merdian Child had finally exited the eerie alternate universe and was now near what was once a huge asteroid colony. The ominous presence dwarfed the clean new ship. There was a different presence, however, inside the tiny room of Science Officer's room. He was cranky, more so than the neutral navigator. He was quietly looking at the tape of Dragonia's Demise, and cursed under his breath each time he bumped into the sensitive nano-scope. . . Later, about thirty minutes later, he was back on the bridge, without saluting of course.>

Science Officer: "Sir! I have found something interesting on this, "tape", I think you should come see this immediatly."

<Soon, they were back in the crowded quarters of the Science Officer, again.>

Science Officer: "Now here, look through the nano-scope. See it? That's no ordinary deoxyribonucleic acid, that's synthetic. See, the way the strands are constructed. I scanned the nucleotides and found out the carbon strands were actually a form of geranium. Rather simple really. I checked out some data on the ship's library and later discovered that the Dragonians used the sequence of D.N.A. proteins to code important messages. the reason it looked like Karmarama D.N.A. was because there was a damaged code. That's why the year is wrong, the audio strand of D.N.A. was severed from space-dust. The nano-chips in the tape forced the D.N.A. to replicate itself, and radiation from the Dragonian sun altered the new D.N.A. as the old D.N.A. forced itself out into space. The tape was actually made in 3006, by what I can only guess was the last surviving Dragonian. He actually, still may be out here in space somewhere, hiding. Dragonians can have life-spans of several thousand years you know. If you want, I can ask the A.I. to-"

<The Science Officer was quickly interuppted by the Janitor, barging through the door.>

Janitor: "Sir! We picked up a signal shunted through hyper-space! You might want to hear it, although I recommend a pair of ear-plugs first. . ."

30th May 2003, 00:19
I don't have a Science Officer, surely you've all realised that by now? Communications & Scanners are handled by the Comm and Helm and Weapons are handled by the Tech, they also serve as first officers but I like Comm the most. I realy frees up bridge space and upps effiency while also delivering a fresh fung-shui element.

---|Bridge, ADNV Neutral Solstace|---

screamy schreechy wale noise with a hint on blackboard scraping, mind that sponge missus





Arctic Wolf: WHAT?!




Arctic Wolf: WHAT?

And so the cliche continued for many miniutes until the speakers finaly melted

Tech: MARGERY...Margery has blue snails?

Comm: Nevermind that now I'm using a boosted scan to see if we can get a bit more deeper into the Nebula

Arctic Wolf: Tech, divert all available power to the sensors. I like saying 'divert' 'available' 'power' in the same sentacne it gives you a sence of legitimate captaincy...i wodner why?

Comm: What was that sir?

Arctic Wolf: Oh, nothing.

Tech: All available power diverted from discos and snack bars sir.

guitar sort of going der din din din duun DISCO INFERNO burn baby burn *swveert*

Arctic Wolf: What was that?

Tech: They do say Disco will never die.

Comm: Range on sensors increasing...theres a sort of...thing...its a rock and...another rock...loads of bits of debris from the war...a packet of chrisps...porno mag...

Tech: Oh get it! Get it!...erm...ahem

Comm: AS I WAS SAYING...rock...debris...omega particles...A Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy...Nope nothing more of interest we can pick out in our range perhaps that Exploratory probe has something, shall I phase it aboard.

Arctic Wolf: Please do, oh and order a new tech

Comm: Will do.

30th May 2003, 00:32
Feng-Shui equipment? Hehe, should've known you better than that, should've I?

30th May 2003, 00:51
Standard issue I'll have you know.

30th May 2003, 01:10
You know, I almost had a heart attack and a back-ache after reading your edited post. You should save that to a file some where. . .

No, really. Now, ahem, to continue our adventure into the nebula!

The Aquillian Nebula

<A probe was quickly ejected from its tiny hole in the Arctannian ship and made a quick jump through hyper-space. About two hours later, it was about to fly through the edge of the nebula. All of the crewmen/women were at their respective stations, and the Tech Officer was tied together in a dark janitorial closet somewhere in the engineering deck. The communications officer was monitoring the probe's status.>

Comm Officer: "Hmmm, that's interesting. The probe is picking up unusually high concentrations of Hydrogen in this area. It doesn't seem to be fluctuating as it goes deeper through the outer layer. Must be like this throughout the whole nebula too. Hmmm, wait! We're picking up something strange. Really strange, it's picking up huge waves of that same signal on the radio dish. Wait, there seems to be something moving. The particles inside the nebula are moving just now. What in the name of Krazy Kermit!? Readings are off the- WHAT!?"

<The Communications Officer jumped off of his chair and jumped up and down in frustration.>

Comm Officer: "The probe has been destroyed!"

30th May 2003, 03:34
I haven't posted recently, but I'm back. I didn't have internet access, due to computer troubles, then I had to re-install Windows, and other things of that nature. Now that my system is stable I should have more time for this, and tommorow is my last day of school for the year.


Opray-Ting System - The system is in ruins. The laboratory stations, and space tellescopes have been destroyed. Most of the planets were heavily damaged. Some areas were not as heavily damaged, these included the Great Library, and the main city on Opray-Ting 3. Turrekkan space, that once covered over an eigth of the known galaxy, is reduced to less than half of that. They have begun to make a rebound in recent years, with the re-opening of the Grand Shipyards, and the constructino of a new spacestation, Starbase New Hope. This chapter begins, as we see the finnal construction of the first new capitial ship to be constructed by the Turrekkan. We join our characters in a small transfer pod, flying just above the orange-brown hull of the TSD Federation. By modern standards it is very modest, but in the weakend state of the galaxy, it will prove a formidible opponent.
The pod glides through the ships enormus engine ring, to the rasied bridge at the end of the ship. The graceful angles, and curves slip past the windows of the pod, as it flys down the two-mile ship. It eases into a docking port, aft of the bridge.

[Captian Cryptograv Computer, permission to come aboard.

Computer: Permission granted, Captain.

A hatch slides open at the back of the pod, revealing a security lobby. The walls are toupe, and the floor is a crisp white, not even a smudge to be seen. You can smell the new-ness of the ship. A security scuzzer scans the party, then waves them through. They walk past a potted palm, up a short flight of stairs, and onto the bridge. We can see that no expense was spared on this ship. The Turrekkan philosiphy on shipbuilding has always been "Quality over Quantity. An ensign, standing near the captain's chair, stands to attention.

Ensign: Captain on deck!

Captian: At ease. All hands, this is the bridge. Departure stations, please.

The staff sits at their stations. Helm and Tactical in front of the captain. Science, and comm, on either side. Engineering, and Science II behind the captain

Captain: Federation, to Dockmaster. Perrmission to leave dock.

Dockmaster: Permission granted. Good luck!

Captain: Mister Spectrobolt, clear all moorings, and set course to the Aquillian Nebula.

The ship glides ouf dock, and its engines flash as it heads to the Aquillian Nebula, to test its new scientific equipment.

30th May 2003, 21:57
Aquillian Nebula

<The TSD Federation had taken an entire day to make a quick trip to the Aquillian nebula on her new hyper-drives. Although it would've been fun to put in the story, it was on the other side of the nebula from the other ships. The ship was indeed fit to research such a nebula, although not specifically this one. None of the scanners could penetrate the thick layer of Hydrogen, and some ice clouds had gathered on this side of the nebula. The ship was now cold inside, and appeared the heating unit could have failed if it were any colder.>

Sensors Officer: "Um, erm, sir. I have detected something quite intersting on here. Now if only my other head would wake up and- Eureka! There we go! If you would put the radar up on screen there, I think we have a visitor. A rather large ship, more than fifteen klicks long I believe. We're having trouble identifying its origin. Shall we hail it? Wait, it's hailing us!"

<All the sudden, static appeared on all the communications screens. A loud Targ voice was heard throughout every speaker.>

Targ: "Hey there! Is som-{STATIC}-ere? We've had our engines shut down an-{STATIC}-e need some 'elp ge-{STATIC}-ack online. If you could ju{STATIC}-ock with us, we would be-{STATIC}-bliged to ye'. NNIH HQ out. {STATIC}. . ."

Ensign: "Should we help them sir?"

Ensign's Other Head: "I say we let em' rot in their own rubbish."

Ensign: "Hey! That's not very nice!"

Ensign's Other Head: "So? You would've done the same thing if you were commander mister goodie-two-shoes. Bleh! If only I had the chance to cut you off you- Ouch! Hey! That hurts!"

30th May 2003, 22:05
TSDS Federation, Bridge

Captain: Go to yellow alert.

First Officer: Aye, sir. Raisng sheilds.

The sheilds shimmer briefly, as they activate. Yellow lights light up around the inside of the ship

Captain: Science, what can you tell me about that ship.

Science: Not much, sir. Our sensors are having trouble cutting through their hull.

Captain: Send a shuttle with security scuzzers over there, to make sure it is safe. We don't want to risk any lives.

30th May 2003, 23:47
---|Dark cupboard, bowels of the ADNV Neutral Solstace|---

Tech: *Muffle muffle*

Computer: One Mulbery pie coming up

Tech: *Muffle muffle*?

Computer: 1239 degrees centigrade? Warning temperature of confectionary treat is beyond safety protocols.

Tech: *Urgent muffle*!

Computer: Authorization to ignore safety protocols accepted.

Tech: *Urgent, nearly screaming muffle*!!

Computer: Liquified and in jet spray mode? Confectionary treat customizations accepted.

Tech: *Screaming muffle*!!!

---|Bridge ADNV Neutral Solstace|---

Humming noise followed by hissing noise and then a muffled screamimg sort of noise

Arctic Wolf: What was that?

Comm: I have no Idea but some...thing destroyed one of our most expensive probes!

Replacement Tech: Inventory says we have 9 more.

Comm: Shall I launch another one sir?

Arctic Wolf: No, I think we shoud take a proper look, take us in.

Replacement Tech: Bye bye sir, we sho..

Arctic Wolf: Thats AyIEEEEEE!

30th May 2003, 23:59
-=Unknown asteriod colony, some distance from the Nebula=-

<The screachy noise is still echoing around the bridge, despite the comm dish being pointed in a different direction, most of the bridge crew still have ringing in their ears>

Science Officer: God, that really was the worse sound i've heard for ages, what was it?

Nav: Unknown, it was coming from something in that nebula ahead, we're still 5 hours hyperdrive short...

JSWY: Nav, mark this location on our navigation charts, in case we need to come back here, oh and plant a dish probe on one of the asteroids and keep it pointed at the nebula, set course for the nebula...

Nav: Roger, hyperdrive activated...arrival in 5 hours...

31st May 2003, 00:05
<As Arctic Wolf's ship made its way slowly to the edge of the nebula, the Turraken capital ship's security scuzzers are having a fine time looking through the renewed Masaki.>

Cheif Scuzzer: "Beep, we have discovered no trace of weaponry or anything of the like. The ship is only carrying large amounts of Hydrogen, and the fusion reactor has had several pieces removed from it, Beep. We need a crew here, beep. Teleportation may cause the reactor to explode, beep. Unstable laser fusion sensitive, beep. Must dock with hydrogen mining ship, beep."

Comm Officer: "Captain sir, the Scuzzers have cleaned everything out. Although their Fusion reactor is highly unstable, we might have to dock our ship with it. Other than that, everything is fine."

<Well, that was uneventful, wasn't it? While that is happening, Arctic Wolf was running into something, literally. . .>

Comm Officer: "Um, sir. We are picking up something here. I'm picking up the elements Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen? What in the name of Dracoraptor! We're about to hit a pocket of comets! Brace for impact!"

<As that happened, the corpse of the former Tech Officer was bounced around, and the ship was pummled by comets, small ones of course. None no bigger than a Spiff-Craft (R). Soon, the ship was shimmering like a hot Siren, and eventually the ship's lights dimmed and turned red. This could only mean the lights turned red or the power was running low. If the Comm officer was paying attention, he could've seen the large bloch on radar before the world around him went dark. Following standard galactic collsion standards, the ship went to emergency and started emitting an emergency signal that was received by one ship, and one ship alone. JSWY's ship was picking it up loud and clear, along with the illegal Play-Siren magazine weekly scans from Dahan. And everybody aboard the Neutral Solstace did not know of this either, the Comm officer and new Tech officer were now asleep, after wanging their heads on their respective consoles of course. Arctic Wolf, however, was a different matter. . .>

Comm Officer: "Um, sir, we are picking up a signature near the source of our destination. It is an Arctannian ship calling for repairs, they need to call their insurance company. Collision insurance compnay, that is. Should we hail them with our faster-than-light two-way hyper-communications device?"

31st May 2003, 01:00
---|Bridge, ADNV Neutral Solstace|---

<As usual whenever one craft hits another the consoles start sparking angrily and gass erupts from the ceiling, people fall out of thier chairs, oh and don't forget the red flashy lights. >

Arctic Wolf: How the ghyron did those commety things get past our deflector array and howcome our original scans didn't detect them?

Arctic Wolf: Hello?

<He got out of his seat and went to the shadowed and slumped figures of the Comm and Tech.>

Arctic Wolf: Ohdear...Computer summon a medical team to the bridge

[b]Computer[b]: Right you are.

Arctic Wolf: And send in Comm2 and Tech3 please.

Computer: Already on their way.

Arctic Wolf: Oh and why were the commets not deflected by the Deflector Array?

Computer: Interferance

Arctic Wolf: Interferance from what? Hydrogen?

Computer: Don't be silly, we've flown through a star in this. The interferance was caused by an unkown element

dun dun der

Arctic Wolf: *sigh* I know you have a personality but there's no need to be

Computer: It wasn't me

Arctic Wolf: Oh then who was it?

Computer: unkown element

dun dun der

<Just then the medical team and replacement officers arrived. The two officers were removed while thier replacements took up their tempory stations.>

31st May 2003, 01:55
TSDS Federation, Bridge

Captain: Computer, rig ship for docking. Condition Blue.

Computer: Aknowledged. Deploying gangway. Security teams 1 and 2, report to docking port beta. All hands, Condition Blue.

ON the port side of the ship, a cylindrical gangway extends out of the side of the engine ring. As the ship moves to a docking port, blue lights replace the yellow lights around the ship. Computer terminals finish their last task, then politly inform their users that a command authorization is required for continued use. Communications are interjected into by the computer's crisp, female voice, informing them that they have to log off. IN the heart of the ship, the computer locks itself down to prevent tampering.

Computer: All command functions have been routed to the bridge. Voice activation required.

Helm: Sir, we are on final approach. 3, 2, 1, contact!

The Federation pulls along side the massive ship, its gangway sliping neatly over the hatch.

31st May 2003, 09:01
-=TGH Meridian Child=-

Nav: Our probe is picking up a standard galactic collision distress signal coming from the edge of the Nebula...

JSWY: Increase speed, all crews prepare for hyperdrive exit in 1 hour, arm all weapon systems and prepare the ship for possible hostile contact...

31st May 2003, 22:55
<While all this blasphemy was going on in the nebula, Spanisha was in a desperate situation. A rather tall, skinny (Not to mention physically imposing) Salt-Hog was quietly running through the various corridors of the Spanisha Capitol Building. He did stop to notice the lovely abstract mechanical gear art, however, before seeing the president. This was no ordinary Salt-Hog, however, he was the primary trade advisor>

Trade Advisor: "Señor Presidente, you look very fine this morning, no?"

El Presidente: "Gracias Señor Consejero, I hope you have realy business for me this morning, we're having trouble relocating a formal special operations captain."

Trade Advisor: "I see than, but this terrible news must be heard by you Señor Presidente. You see, a terrible decline in our economy has led to the loss of many oppurtunities for the Salt-Hogs of Spanisha, and we must find new resource rich regions to create jobs for population."

El Presidente: "This is terrible, we cannot led so many of our hard workers go unchecked without jobs, so I guess you plan to make government jobs, no?"

Trade Advisor: "Yes, and no, Señor Presidente. Instead, there is a nebula not too far from our humble abode here on Spanisha, and it is rich in almost every element imaginable. I say we disguise an task force as an investigation team and establish a secure perimeter around it. After that, we may do as we wish with it. I recommend tariffs and taxes to keep foreign competition away, and letting our own merchants transport the finished material after our own government hired miners harvest the nebula at their own will."

El Presidente: "Excelente Señor Consejero! I shall rush my men to pick up Señor Salt-Hog even faster now. I want a few of our frigates ready to construct a space-base in the nebula by tomorrow. And by the way Señor, what nebula do you speak of anyway?"

Trade Advisor: "Nebula 4020, the Aqullian Nebula."

<As the President of Spanisha and his Trade Advisor finished their discussion, the Turraken ship in the nebula was progressing very well, or so it seemed. The renovated Masaki was completely empty, save for the various tanks of Hydrogen crammed into the ship itself. The security scuzzers investigating the ship while the supplies were being transported aboard were very suspicious of their so called, "Miners." One, driven by the ship's A.I., quickly responded to this and quickly sent a signal to the bridge.>

Security Scuzzer No. 42: "This is Security Scuzzer number forty-two, reporting, beep. We have discovered there is no crew aboard the ship, beep. We request immedia-{STATIC}. <Explosion heard throughout ship>"

<As soon as that was that, an explosion rocked the Turraken ship violently. The larger Masaki was actually exploding from the inside! The corridors connected to the gangway were actually filled with combined Hydrogen and Oxygen, forming deadly flames. Any droids and beings inside were instantly incenerated to fine ashes, and electronics were fried from the heat. Luckily, the captain had had his shield on even before they docked with the ship, and they go lucky. Although their shields were now out, and an E.M.P. pulse from the reactors disabled the reactors, little crew or weaponry was lost in the process. However, the rooms were now very cold without their heating units in the ice cloud, but there was enough oxygen left for a few hours. The auxillary power refused to automatically respond, and now the ship blended in perfectly without its lights shining through space. There was no way out, for now.>

Comm Officer: "It was a trap! I can't believe it! But, where are the pirates?"

Comm Officer's Other Head: "I believe that thing coming out of the darkness is it."

<All the sudden, although slowly, a dark red ship came flying through the dark ice cloud. It was shining a few dim search-lights, and the characters of ancient Dragonian script could clearly be seen on the port-side and starboard. Although a frigate class vessle, it was appeared it was not even trying to propel itself any faster, and the six rail guns mounted on it gave it a vicious heavy-ship apperance. It was a modest vessel, however, and could have even been called make-shift. The way it had been patched-up, repainted, and re-decalled could only mean one thing; this was an independent pirate ship. It stopped directly in front of the Turraken ship, facing its bow with an eerie silence. It than quickly fired its thrusters, turned, and the ship was moving all the sudden. If the Turrakens had their cameras working, they could've seen the two corvette class ships dragging it along with their magnetic clamps, right into the nebula. Although the fate of the Turraken ship would be discovered later, JSWY was now in the limelight. His ship was quietly flying through the nebula, and they could clearly see the source of the ping was next to their destination.>

Janitor: "Argh! I can't watch Alice in Underpants with all this Hydrogen interference! When are we getting through this!?"

Nav Officer: "Just a few more minutes and we will have reached the ice pocket. Jeez, I'm already picking up a few visual signs of comets and ice. Mine if I turn on the air-conditioner captain?"

Science Officer: "Sir! Look, that's the Arctannian ship on radar. I think we may get a visual on it any- Oh dear. . ."

<Out the window of the Meridian's Child, the crew looked out to see a partially wrecked Arctannian ship, and a large, wrecked probe. Although this probe was no ordinary probe. Written on the side in visible print was none other than, "Ghyron's Evil Spy Probe of Doom". . .>

1st Jun 2003, 02:59
TSDS Federation, Bridge

Captain: Report!

Commander: Most of our systems are offline. We don't have engines, sheilds, anything.

Captain: What about the computer?

Commander: That should still be functional, but you'll have to go down to the control room to activate it.

Captain: Can I use the turbolift?

Commander: No such luck, sir. But it's only 20 decks down.

Captian: Well, I better get started.

The captain walks over to a hatch, labled Maintainence Access. The door does not open automaticly, as it should, so he pulls open a panel next to the door. He pulls out two disks, and places them on the door. They use magnets to push open the door. A dark access tunnel is revealed. It is dimmly lit by red emergancy panels. Above the ladder, in the corner of the tube, it says Deck 1, in Turrekkan characters. He takes ten minutes to make the decent to the computer room. He again, has to manually open the door. He steps into the room. It is one of the most protected areas of the ship. It was protected from the EMP, by thick layers of Lead, and other heavy elements surrounding the room. At the center of the room, on a dias, is a large console. The captain walks up to it. He puts one palm on the console, and the whole room lights up. Consoles flash on, powered by a dedicated generator within the computer. A large red dot appears on the console.

Computer: Central Online. Please state access code.

Captain: Authorization Cryptograv Omega 13. Computer, brodcast a distress call on all frequencies.

A red beacon begins to flash on the top of the ship, as a distress call is sent. In the heart of the ship, enginners re-activate the ship's emergancy fusion reactor. This brings lifesupport, and sensors online, but engines, sheilds, and weapons, are still down.

Computer: Warning, communications are unable to get out of the nebula. Distress beacon de-activated.

Captain: Computer, launch a Class-V Probe. Have it leave the nebula, and transmit the distress call.

Computer: Probe away.

At the back of the ship, a small, silver, probe is launched out of the ship. It heads out of the nebula, very quickly. As soon as it breaks through the hydrogen, a small comm dish pops out of the front of the probe. It transmitts a distress call

Captian: What is the location of the nearest Directorete starship?

Comouter: The TSDS Shir'han is assinged to escort a convoy to Starbase 21.

Captain: How far away is it?

Computer: At its maximum speed, 10 hours.

1st Jun 2003, 10:28
-=TGH Meridian Child, The Nebula=-

JSWY: Well, Ghyron doesn't deploy his "Evil Probes of Doom" for no reason, this ship must have some significance to either him or his plans. He probably knows we're here now...
Deploy one of our data miners and attach it to the probe, we may be able in intercept some of the transmissions

<A small probe flies out of the front of the ship and attaches itself to Ghyron's probe>

JSWY: Can you pick up anything at all?

Nav: Negative...

JSWY: Keep listening, move the ship closer to the derelict.

1st Jun 2003, 13:42
I am not sure if I previously posted this, but transmissions can't go across the nebula (Hydrogen interference). I am sorry if this is any inconvenience to you.

1st Jun 2003, 17:20
Edited. Of course, Ghyron has a way of communicating through the hydrogen of course...

1st Jun 2003, 17:47
I edited mine, too.

1st Jun 2003, 23:11
Thankyou for your cooperation, 'preciate it.

TSDS Shir'han

Captain: "Interesting, the Federation should've made its report by now, and my second head agrees with me as well. Comm, can you acheive a signal between us through hyper-communications?"

Comm Officer: "Negative sir, my colleague agrees, they must be in some sort of highly dense area within the nebula. There is a seventy-five percent chance they have found something interesting."

Captain: "What is the other twenty-five percent chance?"

Comm Officer's other Head: "They got good reception for an adult movie network."

<While this was being discussed, the probe was speeding towards the Shir'han, although it abruptly stopped when it reached the area of Spanisha. Five minutes after it was discovered, the seceratary of sensors was interuppting the president during lunch. He walked into the large and rather rustic dining-room, standing beside him and whispering while he ate his Memau ala spam and spoke to the other secerataries.>

Seceratary of State: "Señor Presidente, we have an emergency."

El Presidente: "Well than, what is it señor, speak up."

Seceratary of State: "The Turrakens, they have been probing into the nebula with one of their ships. We have intercepted one of their distress probes on the outskirts of our system. The peripherals are fuzzy, but it appears they were captured by pirates. The arriba general advises this is a perfect moment to strike upon our foes, and gain support from the council."

El Presidente: "Excellente than señor, destroy the Turraken ship at the general's will. Make it look like they were trying to invade Spanisha."

<The president got, took off his rather messy bib, brushed himself, and headed to the door.>

El Presidente: "Now if you excuse me señor, I have a meeting with the mining sindicatos in thirty-minutes, I advise you minimize casualties."

Seceratary of State: "Yes Señor Presidente."

<Now that that was out of the way, we go on to JSWY, who did not notice the Arctannian ship laying inside a cloud of ice. The data-miner was draining the information out of the sattelite like a Siren.>

Nav Officer: "Shouldn't we be looking for that ship in-"

Comm Officer: "Shhh! Quite, I'm getting the data now. Let's see, that's strange."

Nav Officer: "What's strange?"

Comm Officer: "Didn't I tell you to shut up a second ago? What's strange about this is that it contains nothing at all. In fact, I'd say it's missing its data unit."

Science Officer: "Grumble, I know what it is. The probe isn't spying on anyone, its using its patented Ghyron spying technology to relay a signal past the Hydrogen without interference. I'm guessing the ping that we have been recieving was nothing more than an outgoing signal."

Nav Officer: "So you mean it could've been spying on us, but Ghyron has now changed his plans to lead us into some sinister trap where all but the captain will die in?"

Science Officer: "Possibly, possibly. But we need to investigate further. I suggest we ask that ship that has been hailing us for ten minutes to give us a hand."

Comm Officer: "You mean that pocket of ice over there? Nonsense! Oh, that' the reason we, came here, isn't it?"

Science Officer: "I suggest you start hailing them back now. . ."

<The Comm Officer was now overely red with embaresment. . .>

2nd Jun 2003, 17:40
TSDS Federation. Engineers and Scuzzers are climbing through the bowels of the ship, pulling levers, and twisting whatists, trying to bring atleast on of the ship's two reactors online. Since the fusion reactor cannot power weapons, sheilds, or engines, they are sitting ducks. Suddenly, a scuzzer pulls a lever on an anti-matter conduit. The flow is restored. The aft reactor flashes once, then goes dark, then if flashes on.

Engineer: Engineering to bridge, Reactor 1 is online. We have access to all systems, except the armour generators, and the fusion cannon.

Engineer's other Head: We won't have those untill we get the forward reactor online. That will take another day.

Captian: Very good. Bridge out.

Science: Sir, we have lost sensor contact with our probe, near Spanisha, and we have company!

Science's other head: This is bad! Real bad! They've come for us.

Science: Don't panic!

Science's other head: I'm not panicing yet, I'm just ...

Captain: Both of you,

Captains other head: stop it!

Science: They're charging weapons!

Captain: Tacitical, charge ours. Sheilds to maximum.

2nd Jun 2003, 17:58
Eh? How the himmler do you know that the Spanishans are on the offensive? You don't, all you know is that you have lost contacts with a probe, there are millions of different reasons for this. Like a systems malfunction, girt on the communications array, the probes battery ran out one of the least likely things(wheather or not its true in this situation) is that the locals are concocting a war-like plan to dominate the nebula.

2nd Jun 2003, 18:15
Hmmm, although I am not as partial to the probe problem as you may be Arctic, I thing Davidg is forgetting that he is the custody of pirates, and that reactivating weapon power next to two corvettes and a pirate frigate may not be the wisest idea.

2nd Jun 2003, 19:09
I'd forgotten about the pirates actualy, sorry.

2nd Jun 2003, 23:18
I had forgotten entirely about the pirates, I thought they moved off, untill I reread your post. I do not "know" the Salthogs are on the offensive, I just know that the probe stopped near their planet. The science officer is just paranoid. I edited my post.

2nd Jun 2003, 23:32
<The Federation made a few pathetic mechanical noises and whirs before the lights shut themselves off and emergency power was re-activated. The Science Officers was rubbing his chins.>

Science Officer: "It appears they were using magnetic field disablers with their magnetic clamps to disable our ship. Where ever they are taking us, we will happen to end up dead or for ransom. Interesting really, I didn't think piratees were this intelligent."

Science Officers other head: "Geez man! Didn't you see the bloody markings on the ship!?"

Science Officer: "Well, no really. What were they?"

Science Officers other head: "A Dragonian admiral's you idiot! Can't you read!?"

Science Officer: "Oh dear, we could be in deep mucus. . ."

5th Jun 2003, 21:55
Erm, uhm, dude? What is with the lack of replies?

6th Jun 2003, 17:18
I can't reply until JSWY has since according to you my ship was wrecked and needed fixin'

7th Jun 2003, 08:25
Sorry, I just haven't had time to construct a response, lately.

[Note:] The commmanding officer of the Federation is now a Vice Admiral, I felt he needed to be more powerful than the other captians. The rank should be applied to previous posts.

TSDS Shir'han

Captain: Hmm, the Federation is quite overdue for a report.

Comm: There has been no comm activity from the Federation, fro quite some time.

Captain: Very odd, indeed.

Comm: Sir, we are recieving new orders from command. We are to reandevous with the Shir'hak, and the Centauri, at the edge of the nebula, and search for the Federation.

Captain: Good, this escort mission is boring. Helmsmen, make you heading for the Aquillian Nebula, and engage at flank speed. All hands, this is the bridge, Yellow Alert.

The 1 mile long frigate jumps to hyperspace, as d the other two frigates. After several hours of hyperspace, they pull out at the edge of the nebula.

Science: Sir, I am reading a probe of turrekkan origin at the edge of the nebula. (new probe)

Comm: It is transmitting the Federation's last ccordanits. It also informs us that they have been disabled, and are under tow farther into the nebula.

Captain: Plot a course to those coordadanites, hyperspeed. Helm, have the other ships follow. Send a call back to HQ, requesting reinforcements. All hands, this is the bridge, Red Alert! All hands to battlestations!

The ships go to red alert as they move into the nebula, their engines flash as they make a micro jump into hyperspace. Unlike the Federation, these are combat frigates. They are extremly heavily armed, by Turrekkan standards, and have 20 fighters. They are usually assigned to border patrol, or convoy escort, not exploration. They pull out almost instanly at the federations position, extrapolated by position data, and speed, given by the second probe.

7th Jun 2003, 13:58
Erm, well, Davidg, you see, when I meant, "Magnetic Disablers", I basically meant a powerful Electro-Magnetic Pulse. You know, like what a Nuclear Bomb creates after detonation. So this basically means that you can't escape from the corvettes unless you have a third-person source destroy them. And even then, this is a Turraken ship, so going by their pacifist ways means that it is potentially weaker than your captors. But sit back, your ship won't be destroyed and the paint will still look good, but what you should be afraid of is not the Dragonian Frigate about to rip you into shreds, but the Spanishan strike force.

7th Jun 2003, 20:28
There, edited.

7th Jun 2003, 22:52
-=Derelict Ship=-

Alpha 1: This is Alpha 1 to Meridian Child, we are now advancing further into the derelict vessel.

JSWY: Roger that Alpha one, you are to attempt to find the bridge and or a data terminal. If you can, try and restore power to the vessel.

Alpha 1: Beta, try and find some way to reactivate power, keep sharp...

Beta 1: Yes Sir! Jeez, he knows how much I hate wondering through these derelicts...

<The Beta team moves off towards the back of the ship>

-=Meridian Child=-

Nav: Sir, i'm picking up a faint ship signal, the nearest registered ship that matches the signal is a Dragonian Cruiser (Which is wrong of course, the pirate ship is a frigate).

JSWY: What on Hispera is a Dragonian Crusier doing here in the middle of this nebula?

Nav: There is a possibility that it is mearly a sensor glitch caused by Hydrogen interferance. I will recheck the signal...

8th Jun 2003, 00:15

I might aswell not bother.

8th Jun 2003, 00:52
The Neutral Solstice

<The Arctannian ship was clearly shut off, and it clearly seemed like it had been abandoned. In fact, the gravity had been shut off in most of the ship. However, it was not empty, it was just running on a small amount of crew and auxillary power. The teams progressed through the ship and reached the reactor door. After some progress and amazing Zero-G manuvers, they were able to open it up. Inside was a seem similar to one found in a particular Star Route Movie, crap was floating around everywhere. There, attached to the wall in front of the entering teams of intrepid explorers, was an empty insertion slot for a focusing lense that supposedly belonged to a laser of some sort. After much twisting and tumbling, the Beta team found a nano-perfect glass lense and carefully inserted it into the slot. The really unfortunate thing, however, was the fact that they were on the ceiling. They found this in a cruel manner after the ship reactivated itself. Meanwhile, the Meridian Child itself was still monitoring the probe. The Science Officer stroked his intelectual's beard as he veiwed the wrecked probe. The Comm Officer was busy trying to feebily recognize the signals emitted from the far side of the Nebula, although they kept disappearing and finally faded after the signal was too far away. It was now increasingly obvious that the ship had been here more than twenty years ago, and left to another location outside. The Science Officer did not care for this still, however. More pressing matters were also at hand.>

Science Officer: "You know, I really don't think this nebula was originally here before."

Nav Officer: "What do you mean by that?"

Science Officer: "When the Andromeda Galaxy collided with ours, many nebulas were left intact, although anything currently within their paths were taken along with them inside. Now, if I am correct, we recieved that ping from the probe somwhere between one and two hundred light years away, right?"

Nav Officer: "The first ping was recieved at the Betelguese Super-Nova station about, one hundred and twenty-six point thirteen lightyears distance. I'd say that was a pretty good guess."

Science Officer: "Right, now if I am correct again, the signal that the probe was transmitting was different than the eerie noise on the speakers, right?"

Nav Officer: "Let me check the ship's computers for a second. Loading, loading (Damn Windows 4000), loading, and- Both signals were transmitted from, different, locations. And the one that was on the speakers was pointing relative in direction towards the probe itself. Maybe it has two transmitters on it?"

Science Officer: "No, because after we recieved that collision signal, the ping stopped."

Nav Officer: "And?"

Science Officer: "Switch to frequency 92.1 and put it on speakers at low decibal rate."

<The Nav Officer ordered the Comm Officer to do just that, and the eerie sound that was once heard, was still transmitting. Most of the crew had not once thought about this, and many were startled by the sudden activation of the sound.>

Science Officer: "Captain JSWY, something has been communicating with this probe from within the nebula. We are not alone. . ."

<As this eerie secret was discovered, the other side of the nebula was in a more turbulent situation. Not only had the Federation been towed to a very secluded pocket of empty space in the nebula, but it had to face two spherical shaped layers of magneticly attracted space-mines. The corvettes had abruptly left the new ship to become hostage to the mine-field. Not only was main power disabled, but there was no point in taking a chance and discovering if the mines were also attracted to heat as well. There was almost no hope to the ship's current situation, and the Turrakens inside were forced to take refuge in the emergency life-support shelters. They were cramped and cold, not to mention very hungry as well. Outside, their captors had apparently left for no reason at all, although this was soon to be discovered in a bad way.>

Science Officer: "Sigh. . ."

Nav Officer: "Isn't there any way we can escape?"

Science Officer: "No, we are trapped here until help arrives. If we try blasting the nebula with one of our fighters, we may risk standing here inside a giant exploding fire-works show. If we try to make a run into hyper-space, we risk colliding the minefields and even chance ourselves by just activating auxillary systems. . ."

<The Turrakens sat there and waited. The three Frigates attempting to rescue them, however, were speeding through the Nebula, an entire day after the original capture. They led in a delta formation, and their captains were over-zealous. As they sped along through the thick outer layer of the nebula, they lost contact with eachother, even at a distance of less than one hundred meters. Soon, they arrived at an extremely dense pocket of Hydrogen, and most of their sensory systems were reduced to nothing. Even the helms-men had to rely on visual guidance.>

TSDS Shir'Han
Nav Officer: "Ah, the Hydrogen is thinning, we must be reaching a pocket."

Captain: "Excellent than, notify the other ships once we arrive."

<As the orders were given, the Sensors Officer almost jumped out his chair. His other head was quickly attempting to track something that had obviously scared them.>

Sensors Officer: "Sir! I just saw something on radar. It seems like the enemy! Its last coordinates relative to our own ship were 294 Degrees, 300 Degrees, and two point six meters. Its last direction relative to us in velocity was six O'Clock. Wait, wait! I'm picking up two very faint signals one meter in front of us! Possibly, corvette class!"

<What the Sensors Officer couldn't tell was that those two Corvettes were already underneath them. Both, once they were close to the hangers, released an E.M.P. pulse that was not recorded by the Frigates themselves. Instead, the fighters in the hangers wouldn't be moving for a while. The corvettes quickly retreated into a thick Hydrogen pocket. While the small Dragonian Frigate was flying above the Frigates, at breakneck speeds. It swooped in, as fast as a very small Corvette class, with Rail-Guns raining solid steel slugs onto the fragile Turraken armour. Only the anti-fighter weapons could track it, and the larger weapons were the first to be hit by the deadly accurate mass drivers. The Frigate lifted itself up again into the walls of the pocket, and into the Hydrogen where it was invisible to the Turrakens. Again it came, but from the bottom instead. A deadly volley from the rail guns penetrated the command ship's hull and went straight through, almost ignoring the change in velocity that the energy shields meekly inflicted. The ship kept firing as it dove upwards back into the pocket's wall, leaving unscathed. One of the ships had suffered major power loss when one of its reactors was pierced by steel, and another lost medical facilities. Again the pirate ship came, charging in from behind, although failing to fire any shots. As mysteriously as it came, it quickly exited into hyper-space. At first, the Turrakens had thought they had won the battle, although the battle was far from over. For behind them, was a Spanishan assault carrier and her escort of four Spanishan Destroyers. Fighters deployed and shields up.>

Spanishan Assault Carrier: "Turraken vessels! You are to immediately leave our territory under our escort or become a victim of the Spanishan Elite under El Presidente of Spanisha. You have five minutes to power down your shields."

8th Jun 2003, 03:29
[Note:] All turrekkan ships have two reactors, and armour generators, at least all capitial ships.

TSDS Shir'han

Captain: Report!

XO: Weapons banks 3 through 29 offline. Sheilds down to 73 percent. Fighters nonoperable.

Captain: We will not surrendur to these salthog swine! Open channel!

Comm: Channel open

Captian: This is the Turrekkan Space Directorette Starship Shir'han, you filty pigs are in our space! Let me translate: Filtyo pigos are in our nebulao! Cut transmission. Load forward torpedo tubes, full yeild, target their reactors, and lifesupport systems! Let em breath hydrogen! Fire!

Tacitical: Aye sir!

The Turrekkan ships were truly in their element now. Silver battle armour deployed, weapons locked. Hatches materialize in the armour. Torpedos burst out, and into the nebula. Streaming through the hydrogen.

Captian: Keep firing! I don't want a single salthog alive!

8th Jun 2003, 05:02
Erm, might I add that Hydrogen only catches fire when there is oxygen? And space has very little oxygen, not to mention it's particulary cold in this region of space. . . And also: Since I have created this RPG, you have no authority over what gets destroyed and what not. You may only control your actions, not the outcomes. This, is to prevent other players from doing the same and cheating, which is indeed evil in its own way. Before you go on about how this is unfair, your actions decided if you got captured or not. Remember, I did give clues to everything.

8th Jun 2003, 05:35
Maybe I should have phrased that diffferntly. Hydrogen is extremly reactive. It will react with almost any element. Since space is not really empty, and the nebula itself is full of traces of other elements, the hydrogen would react. But fine. Post edited.

8th Jun 2003, 10:16
Actualy no, hydrogen will react with almost anything but not under any old circumstances. The conditions need to be right.

---ADNV Neutral Solstace, Bridge---

Arctic Wolf: Details.

Comm: All communication systems fully functional. Sensor 100%.

2nd Tech: Helm fully functional. Engineering fully functional, commander. Tactical fully functional.

Arctic Wolf: Pfft...get us out of this ice cloud and block the unkown element.

dun dun der

Arctic Wolf: Shut up!

was only tryin' to help

Comm: Sir! Picking up weapons echos from the the other side of the nebula.

2nd Tech: I thought you said sensors couldn't penetrate far enough.

Comm: They can't but I can pin point the origin of the vibrations.

Arctic Wolf: Set a course, full speed.

2nd Tech: Bye sir

Arctic Wolf: I don't care anyAYIEEEEEEEE

8th Jun 2003, 17:32
Neutral Solstice

<The ship made a few pathetic whirs and mechanical noises before the lights went off, again.>

Second Tech Officer: "What just happened?"

Comm Officer: "I believe our hyper-drive was not, ehe, fully functional."

Second Tech Officer: "What do you mean by that?"

Comm Officer: "Well, uhm, there was a leak in the coolant I couldn't detect until right now."

Second Tech Officer: "But this is space! It's cold!"

Nav Officer: "Not really, this nebula is generating a lot of heat, purely from the hydrogen particles being so close to eachother."

Comm Officer: "How long will it take to fix than?"

Nav Officer: "Five minutes if we can hijack one of those comets and use the ice as cooling blocks, but our hyper-jump range would be severly shortened. We could only make it about half way across the nebula."

Comm Officer: "Really you say? That's so interesting. Really?"

Nav Officer: "Who in the hell are you talking to?"

Comm Officer: "Oh yes, captain, this other ship wants to hail you. I believe they found something of pure interest and logic. Take it that we are Arctannians and spread knowledge, do we really have to go and fight? I see no moral that we could spread."

<As this was being discussed, the fight was just beggining on the other side of the nebula. The Spanishan carrier had stayed behind the other ships as they slowly charged through the red-hot particle beams. Although they were not at all fast, their armour took the damage well, and they were soon charging iron slugs into the fragile Turraken armour. The fighters were built more like bombers, and they sprayed plasma on the surface like napalm. The already damaged Turraken frigates were now disabled. Their fighters still in their hangers, internal fires on all decks, and the Federation was still under pirate control within the deeper parts of the outer layer of the nebula. The Spanishan ships were now circling around the immobile Turraken ships like vultures to a carcass, and the situation seemed hopeless. Only ten minutes after battle as well, but this was soon to be the least of their worries. For something was appearing on their radar. Someting that was extrodinarily fast, and it was circling around the forces, unseen.>

8th Jun 2003, 19:20
TSDS Shir'han

Captian: Report!

XO: Primary systems offline, weapons, sheilds, armour generators, engines. We have nothing.

Captian: Computer, is the primary hull seperation sequence availble?

Computer: Affirmative, the forward reactor is online.

Captian: Computer, evacuate the primary hull to the secondary hull, and prepare for seperation. Send an encoded message to the other ships to do the same.

Crewmen rush out of the forward fourth of the ship. They get into the aft sections of the ship, sealing presure doors behind them, whilst the computer reminds them of the seperation iminent.

Computer: Evacuation complete.

Captian: Are the secondary hull thrusters still online?

Computer: Affirmative.

Captian: Turn us so we are facing the Salthog command ship.

The ships ever so slighly turn, so their forward hulls are facing the Salthog command ship

Captian: Computer, initate speration sequence, authorization Omegabomb 221 Beta Tango.

The forward hulls of all three ships blast off the rest of the ship, free from thei magnetic clamps, just forward of the front antimatter reactor. They rocket through the nebula, on engines usually concealled within the ship, straight to the salthog task force.

Captain: Computer, trigger the secondary hull self destruct, and activate dorsal thrusters to full.

The destruct charges on the secondary hulls blow, as their fusion reactors and storage tanks blow. Simealtaneously, the rest of the frigates use their remaining thrusters to move into deeper pockets of hydrogen.

8th Jun 2003, 19:24
Davidg, does this idea not sound similar to the way the ships in Star Trek can seperate into a saucer and engine?

8th Jun 2003, 20:11
It does sound similar. In the rare instances on star trek, when they had the Enterprise seperate, they were always able to rejoin. Here, I used it as a last ditch weapon. It makes perfect sense to have a modular ship, if they have to replace someting, just snap on a new one, instead of digging around in the ship.

8th Jun 2003, 20:57
Than after Arctic spoke with me, I also realised that in doing so, you would annihilate the entire nebula with your anti-matter. Tell me for second, how do you contain it? Please don't refer to magnetism.

8th Jun 2003, 22:16
Forcefeilds. Antimatter will react violently with matter, not energy. The forcefeilds are powered by their own dedicated batteries and generators, sheilded from EMP.

8th Jun 2003, 22:30
If they were protected by forcefields, than how are they transfering energy? More to the point, why are you going to commit suicide in the nebula. Self-Destruction would annihilate the whole thing. After all, you are using anti-matter in a matter filled nebula. I suggest you edit that post now, or destroy the entire galaxy in the process.

8th Jun 2003, 23:44
Oh and the hydrogen interferiance made our sensors think that Arctic's ship was a derelict vessel, it is difficult to see in these nebulas y'know ;)

9th Jun 2003, 00:57
There, edited. I will still have my ships be able to seperate into various sections. The hull, engine ring, hyperdrive naccells, and bridge module can all seperate in emergancies like this, or for upgrades. The self destruct packages are not antimatter explosives, they are "conventional" explosives.

9th Jun 2003, 02:10
An antimatter explosion might or might not destroy a nebula: look here: http://www.personal.compusoftcs.com/erpforum/index.php?act=ST&f=5&t=630

10th Jun 2003, 22:08
<The massive explosion devoured a few squadrons of Spanishan Fighters and a single ship, but it was otherwise a long-shot from devestating the assault Carrier. On the busy and rather cramped bridge, the Rear Admiral was shouting orders like a mad-man.>

Rear Admiral Don: "Fools! I want patrols out in that nebula with no more than five minutes in between each interval! You, stop pulling those levers and do something useful! You, stop turning those knobs and start pushing those buttons. El Presidente will not be very pleased to here my report. Move the ship outside the nebula for long range transmission, now!"

<While the disconfigured and grotesque looking ship slowly made its way out the nebula, the Turraken ships were having trouble coping with the exetremes of the nebula. Pirates and Spanishans, all in one day. All of this was too much for the ships, not to mention the very cold pocket of water Ice they had arrived at. Confused and bewildered, they had no idea where they were. Not only was the Hydrogen ruining the effective Turraken manufactured sensors, but the ice had gathered on the ships and had shut of the heating units. The Federation, however, was performing slightly above its former score. The mines seemed to be gathering frozen Carbon Dioxide on themselves, and despite the fact that the Turrakens did not know this, they could leave the nebula in a few hours after the ice completely blocks the magnetic sensors on the mines themselves. A very lucky call indeed.>

11th Jun 2003, 01:32
2.4 hours later

TSDS Federation, Bridge. The bridge has its own life support system, and serves as an emergancy shelter. The snior staff have donned emergancy pressure suits, becuase they have their own heat and air. The only consoles working are Damage Control, and Engineering.

Admiral: Bring the emergancy batteries online, so we can scan the mines.

Engineer: Aye sir, emergancy power restored.

Admiral: Science, run scans of the minefeild, passive scan only.

Science: Scanning. Well, this is interesting. The mine's sensor arrays have been frozen into a nonoperable state. Their destuct fuses don't seem to have fared any better.

Admiral: Is it safe to reactivate our main power?

Science: I think so.

Captian: Engineer, can you bring main power online?

Engineer: Yes, sir! The teams in engineering have been working on it, just give the word.

Admiral: Then by all means, theword is given!

Engineer: Bridge, to engineering, bring main power online.

All over the ship, lights turn on, systems power up. On the engine ring, the impulse engines flare to life.

Admiral: Can we get out of the minefeild?

Science: I have found a hole in the minefeild, it is just barely big enough for us to fit through.

Admiralk: Helm, take us out, then move us at least 1,000,000 kilometers from the feild.

Helm: Aye.

The ship powers engines, as it moves very slowly through the hole in the feild, then moves out from the minefeild

11th Jun 2003, 22:53
Pfft, c'mon you can't get more obvious than that.

"Oh my, we're in serious trouble so we'll just scan the mine field that got us in this mess just hours ago."


12th Jun 2003, 03:57
Power was off when I was first trapped, the crew could only do a visual inspection of the mines.

12th Jun 2003, 04:44
You did state when you were leaving the field, right Davidg? After reading your present tense paragraph, I think you only left a few minutes after my post, right? I said the mines would be deactivated anyway after a few hours. Into the future.

<The mines were obviously deactivated just yet, about half of the sphere started to speed towards the Federation. The crew watched in horror as several hundred mines, with each a meter across, slam into the ship and create huge explosions upon the hull. The pointy shaped mines soon attached themselves to the hull itself and penetrated the brittle Turraken armour, creating devestating explosions within the hull itself. Debris came flying off the ship like fireworks on the Fourth of Juyams. The Turraken ship was lucky enough, however, to only take half the beating it would've gotten if it had left only minutes earlier. The ship was clearly damaged beyond repair now, and it would take months for another of its sized to be produced and stocked with willing crew. The Turraken government would not be pleased to hear the upcoming news. The ship now lay there, helpless. Floating among the nebula in a dense hydrogen pocket. It was getting colder by the minute. There was no power, no way to communicate to the outside world, just the few hyper-space escape pods that could hopefully escape to a random station outside the nebula.>

13th Jun 2003, 00:20
Actually, if you look at the time stamps on the post, I posted 2 hours and 24 minutes after you did, I assumed you knew that ment time took place, or you didn't look at the time.

13th Jun 2003, 01:26
Although I do admit that was a sly effort to avoid total annihilation, you do know that RPGs do not function in real time, right?

13th Jun 2003, 04:00
There, it is edited to reflect the time change, sorry for the missunderstanding.

12th Aug 2003, 05:34
BUMP, if interest stirs yet again. Busy and nothing to do. . .