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The Omen
23rd May 2003, 04:30
This is for anyone who has seen both versions of the game (PS2/Xbox). Im gonna go reserve this game on the 28th, but want to know which version to reserve. I know a lot of people are gonna say Xbox, but is there any difference at all between them besides the controls. Because if they both look the same, Im going with the PS2 version because Im too used to the PS2 controller for this series. Thanks in advance. :)

23rd May 2003, 05:47
From the reviews that have been posted of the demo versions, there is supposedly little to no graphics difference between the two games. So you really should just choose by which system you like more and feel more comfortable with.

23rd May 2003, 06:27
Buy both =).

30th Jun 2003, 00:44
LMAO,that kinda gets expensive when you have xbox/ps2/pc :p

Umah Bloodomen
30th Jun 2003, 00:48
It's not expensive, especially for those of us with those money trees growing in our back yards. LOL (That was levity, BTW). :p ;)

I'm not reserving my copy, but I will be picking it up for the PS2. There is really nothing on the market right now to warrant me purchasing an Xbox anytime soon. (That and the price needs to come down a bit, especially for not having many titles I am interested in).

I'll be picking up a GameCube before I pick up an Xbox. And I may bow down and get the PC version for the purpose of screenshots, however that might put a friend of mine out of a job and thrust him further into the realm of boredom. ;)

30th Jun 2003, 01:08
Well I will get both, the xbox version which my brother will pick up, and I will get the ps2 one. I dont know if I would pick up a GC version as the BO2 one imo was more then alittle glitchy. Graphic wise they virtually look the same though, so it comes down to your preference.

Umah Bloodomen
30th Jun 2003, 01:12
There's no word on a GameCube release. (And to be honest, I don't expect one, for awhile at least).

I mentioned the GC, because it is worth more to me (as far as titles are concerned) than the XBox is at this point. I'm not getting the Xbox to play a game I can play just fine on my PS2 (which I also have a lot of other titles to enjoy).

Lady Kreliana
30th Jun 2003, 02:54
I'm going to agree with Zelen. I don't think there will be any differences in the games. I think it'll be the same exact game for all three systems, so buy it for the system you feel most comfortable with. :)

The only things that would warrant real decision making (IMHO) would be price and bonus materials (if one game gets materials the other doesn't, that might affect your decision :)).

30th Jun 2003, 03:24
I favour the xbox & PC cause they have more options available.Xbox will out live the ps2,there's just SOOOOOOO MUCH work being done to/with it that it's scary.EMU's are 1 thing that come to mind,If i was SONY or MS i'd be worried,but then i'am a paranoid conspiracy theorist;) & would say that MS is prally allowing things to happen so they can use it all towards the developement of X².ppl are basically doing the work for them for free........LOL.[they're not stupid,they see all,hear all & know all]

30th Jun 2003, 03:42
Let's please not turn this into another console war thread. Each system has their ups and downs, and in the end the only reason you should buy any of them is to play the games you want.

30th Jun 2003, 03:53
EXACTLY.....well said blincoln.
I didn't mean to start a war or somtin,i have all the systems but GC.
Just think there's more options with systems that are newer.
Good example may be that infinium labs -= PHANTOM =- console.So far it's a phantom alright;)...haven't seen a ghost of it yet.lmao
Anyhow,I wonder how thats gonna do with it's online gig it plans.Is eidos doing any titles for it? AM i war'n?

The Omen
30th Jun 2003, 04:50
Wow. I posted this awhile ago and got 2 replies, but all of a sudden a whole bunch appear now. Well I just preordered the X-box version a week ago. Though I have all the series for PS2, I decided to pick the xbox version because of the options that it has and I've been playing my Xbox so much lately, that I am so used to the controller. Well, thanks for the posts everyone. :)

30th Jun 2003, 06:21
I did not mean to imply that there was going to be one, a GC version, I was simply trying to say if there was one I dont fancy myself picking one up. By all means this shouldnt degenerate into a console war, as everyone has their favorite ones, and as blincoln said they all have their ups and downs, I though like all 3.

2nd Jul 2003, 05:05
Hey!!! no console war threads!....because we all know PS2 is the best.;)

kidding......although i do prefer PS2