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Prodigal Son
22nd May 2003, 18:03
I have a few ideas that i think should be in the new game?

I think Raziel should be made whole again. I think he would like tight the way he looked in Soul Reaver, before he was thrown into the lake of fire. I would start the game over and over just to see the part where he would kneel down and then his wings would pop out from behind him.........I thought that was awesome!! This would make for a nice game element. Make it to where there's a pool of restoration of some sort. That if Raziel was placed in this pool of restoration, he would then be turned back to his normal self, wings and all. Imagine Raziel being able to fly instead of hover. He doesn't really have to fly, i just liked the way he looked. The colors of his wings and outfit was tight. I think the next inatallment should have more FMV. I think Kain should be able to hover. I think they should be able to fight side by side, same screen both Kaind and Raziel. I think their natural abilities should be enganced considerably like jumping, strenth, stealth, speed etc. Kain should be able to change outfits and Raziel should have a new look.....if not his former self look. I think this game should be made into a movie or cartoon? I know it may be alittle eary to speculate, but when the game does come out which system you guys think it will be best on PS2 or X-Box? I have alot more questions to ask but i just got of work and my bodys tellin me to............zzzZZZZZZZZZ!!! HOLLA!

22nd May 2003, 19:09
Two things...

1.) "Thug" speech does very little for most members here. There are members on this board who hail from countries as far as the Netherlands, and they speak better English than you - please, do try to make your entries legible if this is your primary language, okay? I mean, if English was your second language, I'd understand, but there's no excuse for this.

2.) Amy Hennig, director of the series, has already said that Raziel will NEVER be restored. The sooner people get that through their heads, the better off we'll all be.


22nd May 2003, 19:55
I always thought it would be kind of funny (in an evil way =P) to dub some of Michael Bell's lines (as Opus) from "A Wish for Wings That Work" (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0103272) over his scenes (as Raziel) in one of the SR games. Maybe I could even mix it up a bit. "Damn you, Santy Claus! You are not god!"

22nd May 2003, 21:20
imagine a DVD extra with the scenes dubbed differently like that! that would be so cool! Toy story style bloopers in game would be pretty good too.

Also, Rio speaks the truth. If English is your first language there's no excuse for such a mess like that. how wut u like it if we all spoke like dis? it's annoyin' innit? CHA!

And Amy said that Raziel is a wreck. It's a big part of the story. He would be WAY too powerful if he could fly now wouldn't he? He may look cool like that but he isn't a vampire anymore. I wouldn't have a problem if he was somehow restored in the ending of the game after he heals Nosgoth or something but that's wishful thinking for my poor lil razzy. Besides, he looks pretty damn cool being blue and chinless anyway!

22nd May 2003, 22:53
Raziel - will - never - be - restored.

If you need clarification on this, or if I'm speaking too fast, then check the archived section of this forum for the interview thread between Warpsavant and Amy Hennig. It's NOT going to happen.

That having been said, with as far along in production as this game has to be already in order to make a fall release for this year, why in God's name are we still bandying about ideas that we want to see in it? At this point they're fine-tuning the engine, fleshing the graphics out, and making sure everything gels - they are probably not concerned with major story elements or other things at this point - those would've been completed long ago.

And Gehn - I have no problems accepting difference - I do, however, have a problem tolerating the lackadaisical stance most people my age take on their linguistics. People wonder why other countries are so far ahead of America in terms of education - it's because we let people get away with writing and speaking however they please - the written word and speech are physical translations of thought, and by extension, writing and speaking will eventually begin to affect the thought process, if practiced long enough - so if we let people act like fools, what will they grow into? If you said "fools," you get a cookie!

Call me whatever the hell you like - but education is neither worthless nor is it dead - and people will find that out when they're stuck in a cubicle for the rest of their lives.


Reaver of Souls
22nd May 2003, 23:03
I get a cookie! :D

I hope it's chocolate chip, don't you try and stiff me with a cookie shaped hunk of raisin oatmeal..ugh. :p

22nd May 2003, 23:10
No restoration, but i think with such demand they might as well add something in the DVD extras. maybe an improved intro to SR1. I really loved that intro, and the first time Kain ripped off raziel's wings, that must have been the best intro i've seen in a long time

Kain's Ancient Blade
23rd May 2003, 00:15
Prodigal Son welcome to the forum

Talk any way u want and say anything u want. as long as it fit's under the forum rules. don't feel intimidated. if u have ideas post them. if u have questions ask them.

Rio, Cut the new people some slack. u don't need to jump down everyone's throat. especially new people.

LOK series. My anti-drug.

edit: sp

Lozza Mate
23rd May 2003, 02:41
rio: I think you may may want to watch how you say things. I understand your point but it is also a very elitist point.

23rd May 2003, 03:02
Hardly elitist - it's more like I'm trying to hold the American public to a standard they aren't comfortable with being held to - mostly because it requires them to actually WORK and THINK rather than blame their problems on everyone and everything else (re: society). But I suppose I'm in a minority there - God forbid we take responsibility for our own education, or for our own ability to interact with others.

"Blame it on someone else!" The rallying cry of the last few generations in America.


23rd May 2003, 05:45
What fer ye mean wif thes edukation malarky?


Future's Scribe
23rd May 2003, 11:57
Originally posted by Riovanes
Two things...

1.) "Thug" speech does very little for most members here. There are members on this board who hail from countries as far as the Netherlands, and they speak better English than you - please, do try to make your entries legible if this is your primary language, okay? I mean, if English was your second language, I'd understand, but there's no excuse for this.

Um, word, Rio. I agree whole heartedly. I currently work in an incoming call center where I have to try to figure out what these fools are saying. It's quite often mentally draining. Stick a syringe in my temple and just extract the energy. I have to agree that this viewpoint is not elitist.

23rd May 2003, 12:24
I'm gonna side with rio regarding thug speach.

HOWEVER, I don't think you should have such a strong opinion regading raziel being restored. What if it did actually happen in the ending or something? You'd look pretty stupid wouldn't you for claiming you KNOW it won't happen with 100% certanty. I admit there's next to no chance it'll happen because of what Amy said but ideas do change, especially when it means making money.

And yeah, wish lists are totally pointless at this point. All that's probably left to do is finish up details and sort dubbing and everything out.

Prodigal Son
23rd May 2003, 16:41
To whom this reply may concern? I'm not here to downgrade anyone It's really not my style. But if you notice the so called "Thug Talk" you say nobody from other countries or nationality will understand. Take a good look at these countries and the way they're starting to communicate with each other. Communication doesn't necessarily mean you have to speak there are many different ways to communicate with someone. At this years music awards in France the most popular artists were Rappers, R&B and Gospel singers and i'm pretty sure that words like "Holla Back " were included in some of their lyrics. And think about this for a second, most R&B artist lyrics are written by College students and even teachers who have their degrees. Music is the universal language and what type of music do most people listen too? It's either Rap or R&B. Myself, i prefer Gospel music. So think about what you posted, but before you do, turn on the TV or Radio and then tell me what you think! But on a more positve note. I just found out that another Legacy Of Kain game was coming out. I'm looking forward to playing LOK: Defiance.

P.S. Most of them " Thug Talkin " fools make more money than you'll ever make in your whole entire life time, and yes, even with broken English. " I'm GONNA love you forever, forever and ever Amen" - Randy Travis - and one of many great country singers that have broken English in their lyrics. Ebonix has been around for many years, but now there's a melody to it. So don't judge a book by it's cover....." Don't hate congratulate!!! I guess i'm not as articulate as you are, i can live with that.

Is there anything of which i may be said, " See, this is new"? It has already been in ancient times before us. Ecclesiastes 1: 10. Holy Bible

23rd May 2003, 17:44
They make massive amounts of money, yes - because they've found a way to capitalize on the foolish desires of American youth to be something that they are not. Ever notice how most rap tunes are about violence, drugs, or wanton sex? Ever notice that 95% of all rap record sales go out to persons in the 14-25 demographic? And just WHY do you think that is? People in that age bracket are young, impressionable, and NEED to feel as if they're on the edge of things - thus, edgy music sells. It's not the broken English that's making the sale, it's the story the rap artist is telling, and the idea of the lifestyle that it imparts. Being a "badass" is what drives market sales for those types of artists, because that's what MTV has trained our generation to think we have to be.

Just as an example of why your argument about rap phases my stance on proper English in not the slightest degree, let's look at what people are actually listening to:

In rap, we hear such lyrics as "smack mah ***** up," "f-tha police," "ya find me in da club, sippin' on a bud," and various and sundry other references to mistreating women, using marijuana, and drinking oneself stupid. Now, consider the fact that in most dance clubs, you find young women dancing to these songs - often the same ones that GLORIFY treating a girl like a piece of meat - do you think the girls actually like these songs? Somehow, I doubt it - they're either in denial of the fact that the artist is talking about ALL women ("he's not talking about me" syndrome), or they're only pretending to like it because that's what the BOYS like. And why do the boys like it? Because that's what they've been trained to think the GIRLS like. Can we say "vicious cycle?" It's not about the LANGUAGE, it's about the lifestyle.

So, yes, you're correct, they DO make more money than I'll ever see in my life. But does that mean I have to accept the half-stupid way they insist on butchering the English language? Hardly. I live in a country that PURPORTS itself to be the strongest on the planet - and yet our entertainment is dominated by people that can't even communicate on the same level as most kindergarten students in other countries. This isn't about being elitist - it's about wanting my nation on the same level as others. I don't want to be better - I just want other countries to not LAUGH at us for being so stupid that we can't even get a grip on our own language.

Oh, and as one final example - football players, pro basketball players, and other such sports figures also make millions of dollars a year - to play a GAME. Firemen, police officers, and soldiers are often lucky to pull down 27k at the enlisted level, and they have jobs that could very likely kill them. Look at that - and then tell me our entertainment industry, and the way it doles out cash, should have ANY effect on how I view society as a whole (other than to think we're a bunch of sheep that will like whatever the commercials tell us to like).


Prodigal Son
23rd May 2003, 18:15
I'm not saying i agree with there messages, i don't. I'm just trying to make the point that Ebonix has been around forever and it's not only in Rap or R&B music. It's in country music aswell. I felt like you were trying to blame Americas illiteracy problems on Rappers and R&B singers. And since there are more Blacks in these two catergories your post made me feel that your saying we're the fools, maybe i'm wrong but that's how i took it. I appologize, but we do have to be more careful how we come across or communicate with one another.

23rd May 2003, 18:24
song lyrics are nothing to do with 'thug talk' that's verbal. the whole point is that it looks stupid typed. it doesn't matter how you talk, typing is a different story. Do you really think I'm gonna start using ''''''''''' at the end of words enging in a 'G' because I always drop them when I'm talking? no, because it looks ans reads poorly (plus there's just as many characters to typre anyway)


23rd May 2003, 18:27
Flamin' 'eck luv! Corrie's about t' come on't telly!

Me t'ink I is gonna 'ave t' go watch t' telly instead o' readin' all dis crap about 'ow we shud an' shudn't talk! CHA!

LA resistance!!!!!

Prodigal Son
23rd May 2003, 19:05
I'm just looking forward to playing LoK: Defiance. Here are a few simple questions, will this game be better than Soul Reaver? Answering my own question, i think because you can play as either Raziel or Kain. Will Raziel have all the same powers he had in the two previous games? If you were to choose to play the game with either Raziel or Kain will the endings be different for the two characters or does the game follow the same path for each character? And last but not least, which character is the games story based on, who's the lead character? I know all questions about the game are going to be answered in the coming months or maybe even days. But i just like to see what other gamers are thinking about.

23rd May 2003, 19:21
Its simply too late to offer any ideas for LOK. Does no one understand this? Am I always here?

And there is no choice, sometimes you play as Kain and sometimes Raziel.

23rd May 2003, 22:27
1: Now we understand why we're told that we only get to make one first impression, and should work to make it our best.

2:I know it's too late for wish lists, but this is still an open forum,no? The man had something to share and wanted to share with us. No prob.

3:There are thoughts we all would like to share on the game as wish lists. Since we can't have any of it on this game, there will always be others. We can always hope.

4:On the subject of wishing, I am hoping to one day see a game come out that is 2 player, with the two players work together against the game. Although this series probably wouldn't support it.

5:Yes Rio, more of us Americans do need to take responsibility for our actions. However, lashing out hasn't seemed to work yet. But keep posting, I love reading your stuff.:D

Lozza Mate
24th May 2003, 05:19
Originally posted by Riovanes
Hardly elitist - it's more like I'm trying to hold the American public to a standard they aren't comfortable with being held to - mostly because it requires them to actually WORK and THINK rather than blame their problems on everyone and everything else (re: society). But I suppose I'm in a minority there - God forbid we take responsibility for our own education, or for our own ability to interact with others.

"Blame it on someone else!" The rallying cry of the last few generations in America.


That wasn't my point. You were being elitist because you were implying that you look down on people who don't use the enlish language in a way that you percieve to be sophisticated. No word has any inherant greater meaning/value/sophistication. The exact same meaning can be gathered from a slang sentance as a formal english one.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
24th May 2003, 06:32
There is only one thing I hate more than trying to read someone's slang writing on the forums. People going ON and ON about how people shouldn't use it in the forums. While this may not be true, it does make a point.

I always have to slow myself down in order to understand slang writing, and it is annoying. But you should realize people talk like that, and it isn't always because they just feel like talking that way. Some people are actually raised up to be like that. And not because of nor despite it, lots of people who speak "thug talk" are intelligent, and probably just as big a portion aren't.

Language if it isn't one thing, it is not a constant in the universe. It changes more than anything else. Accept the change.

And also, never before in the history of threads, has a thread ever gone off topic so quickly.

Another thing, LOL @ Kain's Ancient Blade'S "ed: sp"

24th May 2003, 10:27
On the one hand, one should be in awe of something that has lasted in some form or another for so long already. It is such an abstract concept that using it can empower a person. Language is something mystical, trancending the ages. We mortals may only borrow it for but a brief moment in time.

On the other hand, language can also easily be seen as something that is only a tool, and a product created by many individuals. Any use of a language should or even must be allowed to influence it as a whole. A dictionary would not be a set of rules telling people how to speak and write, but rather, a detailed description of how people talk.

Kain's Ancient Blade
24th May 2003, 14:40
Another thing, LOL @ Kain's Ancient Blade'S "ed: sp"


27th May 2003, 19:44
One thing that shouldn't be too late to add would be the ability to replay any cut scenes that the player has already openned. As complex as the story gets sometimes, I wished that I could replay some scenes from Soul Reaver 2 because I feel that I missed something a few times. I know that there's a text dialogue that unlocks for each scene, but it was kind of cumbersome, and just not as good as seeing it agin would be.

A feature like this should be able to be added up until the last minute.

From what I've read and seen on video trailer on the net from E3, it looks like Eidos addressed most (if not all) of my complaints about the combat system from Soul Reaver 2 for Defiance.

The game looks like it's gonna be great, so long as they don't rush anything trying to get the game out by deadline. I'd rather have a late game than an incomplete or buggy one.