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21st May 2003, 13:32
So-searching the web for something for blinc(grr...stupid language problems-I really should just take that Japanese class), and came across this at UK Amazon(they are not on US Amazon)....
Edit: First link was no longer working
Xbox link
PS2 link

I just thought it was funny, is all.....

21st May 2003, 14:09
Holy crap! Look at the price!
looks like I know where I'm pre ordering!

24th May 2003, 14:00

OMG that's bloody marvellous!

Thanx, I'm preordering now. :D

24th May 2003, 19:28
Poor Brits, getting jacked on videogames =). 39 pounds sterling is about US$65. That's $15 more than games cost here. They're just selling it for the North American price.

24th May 2003, 21:11
What d'ya mean, Blincoln? Usually the games here are over £40.

This is a cool price for such a new game. :D

Aah, mum has just returned from work... I'll beg her to order it cos I'm not over 18. I'll pay her back of course. :p

24th May 2003, 22:02
It's an 18? Cool! Gore aplenty!

24th May 2003, 22:33
I don't recall it saying it's an 18. hmm.

and yeah. usually games are £40 in the UK. That works out to be about $65ish and we have to wait longer for our games AND they're usually not supporting a 60hz option.

And people ask me why I got my Ps2 chipped...:rolleyes:
I seem to remember playing shinobi about 3 months ago. it only came out a week ago here.

24th May 2003, 22:39
?!!! yesterday it was £22.99. now it's £30! dammit!

and blinc: if you shop arouind on a thing called the internet in the UK we can actually manage to get our games for about £30. I know it's still more than you lot pay but you should see how much import shops charge for their games! it's like £60-70 for USA games when you can just get them from dvd boxoffice for £30 (or lik sang of course!)

25th May 2003, 05:06
*contemplates whether she should pre-order or not from now or wait till the summer*

gah.... I don't think my debit card can take it. I already spend god knows how much money on a new scanner and what not. I am SO not good with managing money.

Yeah games here at "respectable" stores such as HMV or Virgin are usually 40 british sterling (or 39.99 if you want to be more specific lol)
Pissed me off though.... I bought 'Primal' for the usual 40 pounds from one games store. I go to the next games shop and I find a used version of Primal for only 25 pounds....or, I could have bought a bleedin' collector's item of the game for again.. 25 quid.

I was so furious at myself that I went and bought Heavy Metal fakk2 so I can calm myself. Told you I'm horrible with saving money! lol

25th May 2003, 15:25
In the Game shop in Carlisle, there was a special version of Primal going for only £19.99 and I bought SR2 for under £20. It's cool.

I think that it is unfair how long we must wait for these games and how expensive they are... but then again, it's LoK. Who can resist?

Btw, in the PS2 link, it says halfway down the page

ELSPA Minimum age: 18

I assumed that meant there was an age restriction.

My brothers have a chipped PSone, but my PS1 and my PS2 are both unchipped.

25th May 2003, 16:24
Yah, I keep finding SR2 for under 20 pounds as well. It's BO1 I can't get my hands on which pisses me off.
My kid brother's PS2 is chipped as well... he has over 300 games in three big piles (I was so bored one day I counted them). As for my PS2... it's my baby. I refuse to have it chipped...I really prefer owning original games/collectables rather than having copied CDs which don't even work half the time. Wherever I go, it goes. I keep flying back and forth from Cyprus to England and vice versa and boy, am I glad I bought the carrycase for it :)

6th Jun 2003, 05:29
I moved from Oregon (the land with no sales tax) to Canada :(
Now I probably have to shell out about Can $100 to get the game. I imagine it'd be about $80 plus 14.5% tax.
Being in exile sucks...

Then again, since this is LOK we're talking, I guess I'm OK with it :D

The Amazing Rando
6th Jun 2003, 05:56
You may want to edit that.

The Rules
No Warez or Illegal Software. This includes linking to software, posting about it, and suggesting getting it. Posting such information may also result in your posting privileges being revoked. Furthermore, we will not tolerate postings that encourage people to violate copy protection by referring them to sites that have copy protection codes publicized. Any such post will be removed from our forums and your membership and posting privileges will be revoked as soon as we find the offensive post.

Edit: Don't worry, I was getting around to it, I hadn't forgotten. Just thought that some people have had problems figuring out what that means. :D Got family over, so the phone's been tied up for a bit or I would've got it last time. Just making sure the quote is gone before I removed it.

Umah Bloodomen
6th Jun 2003, 22:56
EDIT: Much obliged, dear. ;)

7th Jun 2003, 15:36
Originally posted by eclipse_reaver
14.5% tax.

You're lucky. In Britain VAT is 17.5%.

son of Turel
7th Jun 2003, 18:52
Gosh, here in the Netherlands it's even 19,5 %

7th Jun 2003, 19:13
Heh, in Norway it`s 23%, and the games costs about 86 to 87 dollars. :(

7th Jun 2003, 20:04

That's a bit steep.

7th Jun 2003, 20:21
Are that PS2 games, Xbox games, GameCube games or PC games?
(or do they all have the same price?)

7th Jun 2003, 20:33
They all are about the same price.
86 -87 Dollars for a new game, but then the tax is included.

son of Turel
8th Jun 2003, 09:07
Here games cost about 70-80 Euros/Dollars.

8th Jun 2003, 13:48
But PC games cost about 50 dollars.

8th Jun 2003, 21:05
Woohoo! :D

I've preordered it and the cheque is sitting in front of me now, ready to be posted first thing tomorrow morning.

It took all of last weeks wages which I worked five extra shifts for but I've got it now. :D

I'm sooo excited.

9th Jun 2003, 18:09
.... and the cheque was posted today.

Woop!!! Woop!!! Woop!!! :D:p:D

*Does the chicken dance*

I'm getting LOK: D and now nothing can stop me....