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21st May 2003, 11:36
Hi All

Probably been answered before but I noticed that in my Player profile there are three different coloured Time Crystals to collect, I seem to have green ones but the blue and red ones are at 0

How do you get the blue and red Time Crystal ??

Gooner :p

21st May 2003, 13:23
Those coloured crystals represent the Story levels and the difficulty setting you've completed them on. To get blue crystals you'll need to complete Story levels on normal and to get Red you'll have to complete them on Hard. Good luck mate! :D

21st May 2003, 15:27
The wierd thing is that your number of crystals always stays at ten. Therefore, as soon as you get a crystal for a level on normal that you've already completed on easy, you lose the green one that you got and just have the new blue one - and your total number of crystals stays the same. If you're going to have three different colours of crystal, your total should be out of 30, not out of ten. It's a minor thing, but it's annoyingly counter-intuitive.

21st May 2003, 16:16
Thanks guys

I never did TS2 on easy went straight in at Normal which is why I have no blue crystals then.

So what were saying is that it's a type of tracker, lets you know where you are sort of thing.

Gooner :p