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20th May 2003, 06:24
Ok, I've got a few objectives working just fine, and also have this objective:
On normal, steal 1200 loot.

The commands I entered were as follows:

quest_create_mis goal_state_6, 0
quest_create_mis goal_visible_6, 1
quest_create_mis goal_type_6, 3
quest_create_mis goal_target_6, 1200
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_6, 0
quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_6, 0

Sadly, the objective checks off as soon as I get any loot (even just say 100).


One thing I did notice is that other people tend to have 'goal_loot' in their mission quest data, whereas I have 'goal_target'.

Should I have used 'goal_loot' instead?

<s>quest_create_mis goal_target_6, 1200</s>
quest_create_mis goal_loot_6, 1200


After some input from TTLG folk, it looks like I will now need to do the following:

quest_delete goal_target_6
quest_create_mis goal_loot_6, 1200

quest_delete goal_target_7
quest_create_mis goal_loot_7, 2500

quest_delete goal_target_8
quest_create_mis goal_loot_8, 4000

21st May 2003, 02:18
if you wanted to steal a certain loot object, you would need to note its number and put in goal target other wise its goal loot for just a sum of all loot.

you appear to be doing this the hard way....get the objective wizard :)

21st May 2003, 03:51
Also you don't need both of these
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_6, 0
quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_6, 0

just he max one..

quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_6, 0

22nd May 2003, 13:25
'goal_loot' seems to work fine.

Yes, I have TOW at work now, but I don't think I have VB runtime at home (nor do I want to install it).