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19th May 2003, 12:28

You probably won't be able to answer much of these or you may have answered these elsewhere on the "Legacy of Kain" boards....and I apoligize if any of this seems repetative.


Umah, had said that "Defiance" will be taking over the place of SR3 and BO3. Is this correct? Will this be the final conclusion to both game series? Will this lead "The Legacy of Kain" games in a new direction and if so...will it be possible that after this game, we will see any new games with either Raz or Kain?

Will it be a "Pick your character and play game?" Or will it start out with game play as one character, hit a point in the game / Cut screen plays.....and Character changes?

Do you know whether or not we will be able to utilize the "look around" mode as we did in SR3 and SR2? Or will it play like someone had said "Devil may cry and you can only look in certain directions at certain times?

Will the game be less "Linear" than SR2 and more free roaming, like SR1?

Will we keep the same controls as SR1 and (lost a little in it but,) SR2? And I hope....of all hopes that the controls will be real time and not, set up through a menu and then attack controls. (i.e. SR1 had great options, with the glyph menu...pause, select...blam! (This was good, because you still had control of the attack and the pause was quick and almost seamless) I just am cocerned that we don't end up with a game that you have to select the target....pause the screen....choose your weapons.....and lose game play.)

Lastly, will this give us a conclusion, as well as resolution?

AS I said...you probably won't be able to answer these or have already done so, elsewhere.

Thanks for whatever information you can pass along.


19th May 2003, 12:46
..............There's a topic at the top of the page for questions to chris. Please can you take your questions there instead of making new threads? Thanks

19th May 2003, 13:16
Sorry...didn't realize their was a particular edit to follow.

<sorry for the frustrations, mr. sighs.>

19th May 2003, 15:17
thanks. I'll atempt to answer your questions myself:

according to chris there are no plans for a BO3 and SR3 but chris is yet to state when defiance actually starts. Everyone is assuming it's taking off from SR2 seeing as it was originally under the name of SR3.

You can't choose which character to use. You have control of whichever one they want you to have for that time. Something like in the res evil games when you take control of other characters as well as your lead character. You CAN'T use the characters the same as in games like primal where they help each other to solve puzzles. both characters take different routes through nosgoth but apparently their paths cross a few times.

It's supposed to be much less linear, with secret areas to uncover.

No one knows about the controlls yet but I'm hoping you can still use the right analog stick to look around (but this time allow you to look up and down as well asleft and right). There's supposed to be a cinematic camera or something.

19th May 2003, 15:20
I did repost the questions to Chris over on the original thread.

and....thanks for answering my questions.