View Full Version : Why TS2's Story Mode is not Preferable to Me

18th May 2003, 22:31
TS2's story levels are extremely linear. In Halo you had some freedom, like the combat field, which had more options on how to kill and had more cover and things. In TS2 you don't have much cover and you just run and gun. Wild West had a lot of cover, but how linear it is! Same thing with Chicago. Just run through the damn street! Don't they have any intersections? No wonder nobody's in Big Tony's club!

19th May 2003, 17:11
I agree, the levels are linear, but compared to the original game its a huge improvement. and the I think the reason noone visits Big tonys club is because they heard the arcade music for the level! If I tought the music souned like that in the club I wouldnt go either!
Also, certin stages seem unfinished, for example, the nodes on the last level, once you activate the self destruct sequence on the nodes you can access the main area of the ship, yet there are more nodes in there. Perhaps it was intended as a multiplayer game where one team had to activate the self estruct by keeping at least 3 of the nodes activated for the duration of the countdown while the other team had to keep turning them off (and fair does, that would rock) or at least there would have been a twist where you realise that you could revive corp. hart or something but you cant make it back in time so you have to disable the self destruct (thus the extra nodes). But alas, no, when you find the extra nodes it just says " self destruct already active. "yes- we know!" you cant gain access to them before the sequence is active so... WTF! why are they there then? ah well, Im blabbering. at least theres always the update to set things right...like the hopeful return of the uzis...hint hint :rolleyes:

20th May 2003, 15:13
I don't know why they even bothered with a story mode. There are so many other games that cover that ground. I really wish Free-Rad had put some final polish on the multiplayer and mapmaker to make Timesplitters stand out as THE ONLY split-screen console FPS worth talking about. I have put 400+ hours into those modes in TS2 (compared to about eight hours on story mode). That's where TS2's value is at.

20th May 2003, 15:24
having said that, they still provided some entertainment!

27th May 2003, 14:59
Your so right. The story, while quite well done, is WAY to linear. They could take a few lessons from Halo.