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18th May 2003, 09:12
Hi there,
excuse if i disturb you but a problem is getting me very upset, i the first time i played final fantasy VII was on a psx, and the most beautiful thing of the game were the computer graphic sequence. now i have the pc game and i hoped to replay the game in a better video condition. i've understood the grainy problems due to resolution differences with the playstation mode, but when the game runnes a video it's filled of little grey point that changes position from scene to scene disturbing my enjoyment

°° °°°° °
°°° °°° °
°°° °°°°° °°°
°° °° °°°
° °°°°° °°°

something like this but imagine the cirlce filled with a gry color and on the background the starting sequences of the universe and the stars and this sequeces of circle that changes every one two seconds... strange thing i've triyed to play the video with windows media player or my bs player and it looks great....i've tried already to update ,my software but nothing changed ...'ive updated direct x video driver...... please help this is my configuration

intel pIII 500mhz
384 mb SDRAM
mother board Asus p3v4x chipset apollo a133
Sound blaster player live! 1024
matrox millennium g-400 dual head 32mb
hp cd writer plus 8200i 4x 4x 24x
creative DVD /CD 12x 40X

windows 98 Se
windows media player 7.1
direct X 9.0a
latest video driver
IE explorer 5.5

20th May 2003, 14:55
DirectX 9.0....

that could be the problem. I haven't tested FF7PC with anything higher than 8.1.

Also, let me tell you the graphics for the PC version of FF7 is not as good as the Playstation. The highest resolution it lets u use is 640x480. Not that much difference from the PSX version if you ask me.

I don't quite understand your either. Are the movies pausing? I had pausing movies once. what I did was I went to Add/remove programs, inside the Window's Setup tab, I uninstalled the Audio and Video Compresion, inside multimedia. I then went to the Control Panel, went to the Multimedia that's in the Control Panel, went to the last Tab (Advance? can't remember) and manually unloaded all the Codecs, That it would allow, inside Audio Codec, and Video Codec.

I then Rebooted, went back into the Add/remove programs, in the Windows Setup, and Rechecked Audio and Video Codecs.

I Reinstalled the mediaplayer that is in the FF7 setup menu. And it worked, in my case. My moves were smooth again.

You can also try the upside-down patch.

Do you know what video card you have. If it's a Geforce, it may be possible to get it to run in Hardware mode. You'll need the FF7config.exe from the TNT patch, and select Hardware mode, nothing else. Don't use the FF7.exe from the patch, and don't check any of the Nvidia options.

The PSX version is probably better.....less edits, and no hassels.

21st May 2003, 21:02
i've triyed with direct X 8.1 but i've got the same problems. i've got a matrox millennium g-400 32 mb dual head.. ...
can you tell me what tipe of bvideo compression you unistalled form multimedia??? i've got a lots of them but woich one must i unistall??? and maybe where can i find the drivers to reinstall them ? where can i update them ???

21st May 2003, 21:46
??? My video card is a Geforce 2...... I don't know anything about your card, I think your stuck with using Software mode, and whatever glitches you have.....I wouldn't know of a way to solve that other than getting a Geforce card, and even then; you still may have problems.

As far as what I did.....

I just uloaded all of the Video Codecs. It doesn't really erase them from Windows, just from that menu. I guess it just doesn't preload them into memory or whatever. Anyway, they will reappear by themselves as programs need them.

As a matter of fact, Eidos Support page has something simular to my instructions...... I wouldn't be surprise if they got it from a post that I made a few years back.

It's the second problem....on that page, very simular to what I told you to do. Right down to reloading the Movie player. (okay I had orginally said Mediaplayer that's in the setup of FF7, but I meant that Movie player thing.)

I would ignore the Audio Codecs.....for now, just do the Video Codec part....but I guarantee nothing and take no responsiblity for anything.