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17th May 2003, 09:31
Guess what? I'm almost finished my Guide/FAQ for the three mini-games! Im going to upload it to www.GameFAQs.com and www.Neoseeker.com. It's quite a big guide! (nearly 60 KBs, which is actually big compared to some of the other guides) Anyway, I've included *EVERYTHING* there is to know about the three mini-games, where you can find em', all the info about them, how to get good scores/times on them, etc. Anyway, there was just one more thing I wanted to add before I upload it to GameFAQs.com, and that is Multiplayer Tips for AstroLander and RetroRacer, submited by you. So please, if you have any tips on how you should go about beating a friend, or new ways to play, please post em' here, and I'll be sure to add them all in to my guide (with your name, of course!) Thanks for helping, guys! :D I really apreciate it! See you later!

17th May 2003, 14:37
On retro racer you can take most corner's by just holding turn.

Ab ^_^

18th May 2003, 05:13
Ooppppsss.... Sorry, I made a mistake above.:(

I ment "Anaconda and RetroRacer tips" not "Astrolander and Retroracer tips". Since AstroLander does not have a multiplayer mode... Sorry about that mistake...

Anyway, If you have any multiplayer tips or new ways to play for Anaconda or RetroRacer, please post em here and i'll add them into my guide with your name! Thanks guys!

P.S: AB-109, thanks for the tip! :D I added it into the guide with your name, but im not gonna upload the guide yet cause' i don't have enough multiplayer tips in it yet... So that's why im posting this same message in other TS2 forums....

Thanks for the help, everyone! :cool:

10th Jan 2004, 19:21
Anaconda tip:

Always try and react quicker than the other player.

Try and corner them, because they can't touch you.

Try and stay as close to the centre of the screen as possible. Not only does this stop the other player from being able to move easier. But it also helps you get to other parts of the screen much quicker than normal...unless ofcourse the other player is already on that side...

Hope they are good enough??

11th Jan 2004, 00:05
Another tip for aniconda against another player is to surround them if you are long enough. Like a boa constricter:D