View Full Version : Ok, ok. Tell me if I'm spamming the forum and I'll stop, but for now ANOTHER problem.

17th May 2003, 08:57
Sorry, I feel guilty getting all this help without collecting coupons for it or something...
Anyway, I get a recurring crash every time Palmer get's hit by the truck after you fight him by the Tiny Bronco. I seem to remember that happening last time I played FF7, I don't remember how I got round it, but I know I did 'cos I completed it.
Has anyone had this before, and any suggestions?

17th May 2003, 18:33
After that scene a 'movie' should play, I think the problem lies there. You could try running through it running the game in software mode.


18th May 2003, 01:34
This also could be a sound related crash..... which is when I suggest Basic Accelertion mode....

For the Software mode trick, play it in the small window option....

18th May 2003, 08:12
Sorry, can you tell me exactly where to go and what to do...

20th May 2003, 15:02
It should be scattered all over this board.....

Type: Dxdiag

Do this in the Run box of Windows. (Window button + R, is the short cut combo)

A program will load up, go into the Sound Tab, you'll see it there. I set mine to Basic Acceleration.....Change it back for other games....except for Morrowind, if you have it. Morrowind runs better when it's on Basic, too.