View Full Version : i-link horrors

17th May 2003, 00:30
last saturday I played my first i-link match, it was brilliant and the most fun Ive ever had with my ps2 (except that occasion when I got drunk and someone left the cover of the expansion bay open...but I wont go into that :rolleyes: ).


Why can I not play custom made maps over the i-link? I tried everything, from providing saves on both memory cards to wearing a loincloth and singing for help to the god of gamingness, nothing I tried worked, (although the loincloth thing did provide a few moments amusement) so I was left with a horrible niggling feeling that I could not play my almighty maps and worse still I feared that perhaps the custom maps wont work online when they release the update (which I hope they do).
Am I wrong in this assumption? If so then what am I doing wrong? If not; Why?!?!