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Umah Bloodomen
16th May 2003, 23:08
Ocelot X over at NR was kind enough to allow me to share this with you. It's absolutely great!

Legacy of Kain: Coal Reaver (http://homepages.nyu.edu/~pmd218/CoalReaver.html)

Originally posted by Ocelot X over on the NR forums
It's a Shockwave game in the vein of Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong that my friend and I made for a class project this semester.

Legal disclaimer: Legacy of Kain and all related characters, likenesses, and logos are the sole property of Crystal Dynamics, a fine bunch of folks who would never bother to sue someone so insignificant as me

16th May 2003, 23:51
ROFL! thats great! :D

16th May 2003, 23:59

Umah, you made my day :D

Awww, he's so cute and small.... :p

It's very addictive. I've been going through the levels, but I can't get through the level with the red enemy that follows Raziel. It's too difficult and Raziel get's cornered.

17th May 2003, 01:28
Man, who needs Defiance when you've got Coal Reaver? I could do this all day...

17th May 2003, 20:27
arrgh! cant get past level 13! :mad:

21st May 2003, 18:45
WOW! that game is amazing!

Apocrypha Roxy
26th May 2003, 03:52
His wings flap when he jumps! And the jumps do that cool -boing- sound like Mario!

-boing- *flap* -boing- *flap -boing- *flap* -boing-