View Full Version : gameplay??

16th May 2003, 18:07
is defiance going to use the anaog sticks of the playstation 2 controller as in blood omen 2 or the directional pad like in the other games?

16th May 2003, 18:17
All of the 3D games I know of use the analog sticks. The d-pad is a poor way to control a character in a 3D world.

17th May 2003, 18:28
Unless the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons are used in control aswell. For strafing and such. But that would be a poor way for an LoK game to play.

17th May 2003, 19:10
yea i agree, thats partially why i returned hitman 2, the controlls were really not easy for me so i had to return it. i hope they use the same controlls as sr2