View Full Version : Indicators in the game footage...

15th May 2003, 19:35
So first, as has been mentioned elsewhere, we see that Reaver emblem that blinc has on his site and which was, if I remember correctly, present on the big door to the underground (and elsewhere). Perhaps indicative of the plain Reaver... I do hope that vampmaster's speculation is not unfounded, that this is a sign of elemental reavers to come... In fact, to add to that, it occurs to me that the enemies would periodically burst into flame when Raziel hit them. Might this be an indication of an elemental effect, and we just don't recognize a new indicator?

In the Kain footage, there is that big red dot where Raziel's health coil appears... It did not seem to be doing much, and it's hard to tell if Kain took any damage in that fight; but there do seem to be flickers of activity. It looks to me like maybe it is a big round containter, and that its level drops as he takes damage; later in the clip the top looks a little flattened. Thoughts?