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15th May 2003, 08:12
As some of you may know, I'm a musician.

Just thought that I'd put up a short MP3 sample of something that I'm working on.

Nothing at all is sampled, everything that you hear is me.

daydream (http://www.justplaywiththem.com/thirdpersona/daydream.htm)

Please tell me what you think.

15th May 2003, 12:04
Excellent! I love it!
Got any more?

15th May 2003, 12:16
Quite good, I'd say.

Guitar distortion was pretty neat, but IMHO there wasn't anything "catchy" in the song, except for the end. I'm a sworn metall addict, so you can just congratulate yourself because it pleased even me! :)

15th May 2003, 20:14
hippiechk - I'll post more after I finish and master em ;)

ZeNeR - this is just the intro to the song, the hook is in the chorus (the song clocks in around 5 min and some change, there are actual verses and such in it)

I'm glad you guys liked it. :)

15th May 2003, 23:03
So very cool, Willow.
I can't wait for more :D

15th May 2003, 23:07
Very yummy music, willow. I want moooore... *prods* Gimme! :p Oh wait... did you want intelligent critique? Umm... check with me later after my brain has had a chance to think... and stuff.

But, I like it, eh. :D

16th May 2003, 12:03
Ive liked all the samples youve released so far willow, I would so buy your album.

16th May 2003, 23:17
It sounds great =). For some reason it's really surreal for me to hear you sing. I think it's because I keep picturing the cartoon version of you instead of the real one.

19th May 2003, 06:12
blinc: hehe cartoon version, i know what you mean.

willow: you are awesome. what do you use to record? I have a line 6 pod pro running into a sound blaster audigy 2 on my comp and i cant quite seem to get the exact sound im looking for. not that im lookin for the sound you have but im interested to know what you use.

sorry im against apostrophes tonight please dont flame me for it

22nd May 2003, 04:05
eso, azazel, blinc, Epsillion- thanks for listening.

I'll have more music probably next week... My HDD failed on me so I've been working on getting everything back up and running (had to reformat and reinstall everything.... still not close to being done); but as soon as I get things organized again I'll put something else up for you (probably a song called "in hollow" - it only took me a day and some change to write and record... it's reaaaaally simple but I think it's catchy).

heh, well maybe I'll take a new picture, I'm long overdue anyway, I don't think there's been a good pic of me on teh forums for quite some time.

And I'm using: Cakewalk Pro 9, Sound Forge 6, Cuebase SX, Wavelab for mixing and I have a Boss 4track digital recorder, a Zoom Effects processor with a 3Track built in and I use my Keyboard that has a 6track built in (also has patches and such), I use all this (including all my instruments obviously) for recording (I'm also using quite a pricey pair of condenser mics and a nice mixing board).

There are people on this forum who are by far more versed in the field of recording than I. I'm not going to name any names so nobody bugs them, but if you ever have any questions or would care for a tip feel free to ask me.

22nd May 2003, 04:15
It's all about the EQ, compression, and reverb =). You can get a dbx, Behringer, or Alesis compressor for ~$100, and that will make a big difference. Rack EQs are the easiest to play with, but you can also use the ones included with sound editors. I was fortunate enough to get a REALLY good deal on a Yamaha SPX-900 when I was in school, and it does awesome reverb, but you can use just about anything to add a small amount, which will help a lot too.