View Full Version : Ignore the last one, but if you are nice enough please help this time!

13th May 2003, 11:47
Near the beginning of the game, when I swung on the coil of wire off the tower, my PC randomly rebooted.
I am running Win2000 and I used a HowTo site to get it to work, but now this.
Any suggestions?

15th May 2003, 03:23
Getting Windows 2000 to work with this game is sometimes impossible....WinXP has a better chance....Win98 has the greatest chance.

I suggest dual booting with Win98.....

My standard response is to set Direct Sound Acceleration to basic. Most crashes for this game are sound related. If the timing is wrong, the game usually crashes.

Type Dxdiag, and go to the sound tab, to find the settings for DirectSound. It can be found in other places, too. But I'm not familar with Win2000 or XP, just Win98. In Win98 it's also in control Panel in the multimedia icon.