View Full Version : game length

13th May 2003, 10:22
since we'll be able to play both as kain and raziel , i really hope it won't feel too short, since we'll (theoretically speaking) be playing half the game with each character.

people are bound to prefer one character over the other , so does that mean that the team planned a lengthier game from the start?
any thoughts?

13th May 2003, 11:11
They won't hurt my feelings if they cram a solid 40 hours of playtime in.

Heck, weekly level addons and updates is best- MMOLOK?

[Ok, I'm just being silly.]

13th May 2003, 13:07
i want it to be HUGE!

lol...with live 200hours of game play!!!!:p :D :)
BO2 was too short!