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12th May 2003, 20:11
Ok guys, it's time for one of the most important polls ever.... Which game do you think is better?? TimeSplitters 2 or Halo?

Let me tell you what I think... I own TS2 and Halo, and I have completed them both, and even though Halo is an excellent game, with beautiful graphics and gameplay, I still like TS2 better... The other night, two of my friends came over to my house, and they asked me, "What do you wanna play? TS2 or Halo?" I have never been so confused in my life!! I didn't know which one to choose! And that's what gave me the idea to start this poll...

So tell me... TimeSplitters 2 or Halo? Which is the better game? :confused:

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12th May 2003, 22:12
Well... Halo is more of a 1 player game as apposed to TS2 being a multiplayer game and not so much 1 player (lame story mode) so for multiplayer I would easily vote for TS2 but since I play more often on my own and I love story modes I would say halo cos the story was alot better and overall alot more addictive plus the graphics and sfx where waaaaay better and I'm a sucker for those :p

Ab ^_^

13th May 2003, 07:57
I have not played Halo (GASP:eek: )But if i had i would remember

13th May 2003, 09:00
Thats an unfair vote then :mad: if you havent played both then you should vote undecided!

Ab ^_^

13th May 2003, 09:46
Please please please don't let this turn into yet another Halo vs TS2 flame war.

Intelligent arguments for and against each game only please.

The first flame directed at another member or rubbishing of either game without a reasonable explanation will earn this thread a swift closure.

13th May 2003, 17:34
I like both, i think the 1 player game of halo is better, but timesplitters has a much more frantic multiplayer game and bots!
I still can't believe that there are no bots in halo:(. If you're playing splitscreen with 4 friends it's still more fun with bots.
It's a shame that you can't make realy easy or realy hard bots, like in perfect dark, one of my favourite games was to invite friend and then put in 8 "meat" bots then go for 100 kills.

Any way no game is perfect.
As i said before i like them both, but for different reasons.

13th May 2003, 17:39
One-player: Halo
Multi-player: Timesplitters 2

15th May 2003, 06:04

I played Halo....once and...............IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The graphics are awesome, the vehicles ares awesome, there's jumping, the multiplayer is awesome and you don't have to unlock all of the mulitplayer stuff!

Hmmmmmmm............. the only thing is, I don't have an xbox so I say TS2!
Oh btw, move this post into the community chat!

P.S. Halo also doesn't have a monkey!

15th May 2003, 07:42
Originally posted by Reaperbot
Oh btw, move this post into the community chat!

ummmm.. why? :confused:

Ab ^_^

Hank Nova
15th May 2003, 10:51
I don't have Halo and i don't want it. I did play it at the shops once and i had no idea what to do and i didn't know what the controls were. My veiw is that you dont have to play a game to know you don't like it, for example, i am not going to waste £20 on mary kate and ashleys crush course thingy just to see if its a good game or not. back to halo, it may be the best but i don't care so i'm sticking with my PS2. have a nice day :)

17th May 2003, 09:48
Ok, I said it before and I'll say it again... I have TS2 and Halo, and I have completed them both. And I can honestly say that I prefer TS2... I just really like playing the Multiplayer levels with my friends! And, AB-109... TS2 does not have a lame story mode!! :mad: I liked it and so do many other players.... (I almost cried when Corp Heart died...) Anyway, TS2 is the best game in the world, and nothing is going to chage that! :D :D :D

See you later!

21st May 2003, 10:09
I chose TS2 but man Co-op Halo on my friends xbox was great back then.. now it's just.. tiresome..

but I have a gamecube :).. and Metroid Prime fills my single player gap, well it would if I had it..

Enter the Matrix was crap :) and it didn't last nearly long enough with me..

29th Jun 2003, 19:29
Single player: HALO is better....story, scripted events, etc. It's simply meant to be a single player experience, and it succeeds in that area excellently. As for MP mode, HALO is good, but lack of 'bots' hurts.

MultiPlayer: TS2...greater amount of weapons, huge amount of customization. TS2 is MEANT to be played as a party game and it succeeds there, possibly better than almost ANY other FPS to date.

29th Jun 2003, 20:49
I voted Halo ( by a nose. ) Both are keepers for me. If Halo would have had bots and the character movement was a little faster and more fluid, Halo would have been a 10 out of 10 for me. I give it a 9. Halo also got lots of replay from me in completeing the Campaign on all difficulties ( some more than once ) and the fact System Link multiplayer can be a blast. In my mind, Halo also has one of the most dramatic and inspired soundtracks for a videogame I've ever heard.

I give TS2 an 8. What it lacks in polish when compared to Halo, it makes up quite a bit of ground with the plethora of game modes, features, options and variety. The bots are hilarious to play with, whether by myself or with friends. I also played TS2 via System Link. I've made a *ton* of maps with the MapMaker. ( In other words, I still boot this baby up! ;) ) With some much needed additions for TS3, the sequel could easily rival the greatest MP games ( of which there are but a very few MP action 'greats' ) for consoles.

6th Mar 2004, 01:19
I've never actually played it on the Xbox. I've been playing Halo on my mac.
I've been a long time bungie fan back from the Marathon days and stuff so this was an easy question for me to answer :)

As for console multiplayer shooter games, I have very much enjoyed the timesplitters series. They're my fav in that regard!

13th Mar 2004, 21:50
I have Halo for my PC, and it's really great fun to boot it up and play with the guys online...but since I don't have the Network Adapter, I haven't played any PS2 game online...I would still say timesplitters is the better overall game. The only reason I bought Halo, was because I've played at my friend's house, and I loved it..The hype is gone from Halo for me..I still can't wait to play co-op Halo 2, though :D

I voted TS2!

13th Mar 2004, 22:24
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Reaperbot
the multiplayer is awesome and you don't have to unlock all of the mulitplayer stuff!

I think half the fun comes from unlocking multiplayer stuff.

30th Mar 2004, 23:44
I think Timesplitters 2 is the better game. Halo is an AWESOME game, but it really got it's rating cut down (in my opinion) because they are no bots. Timesplitters2 has bots so you can play by yourself and have hours of fun. My friends don't usually come over much, so i play by self a lot. i only play halo when my friends come over. (story mode has too much darkness to play alone, plus the flood scare me! :p ) i voted for TS2!!! i think it deserves game of the year, not halo.

7th Apr 2004, 11:05
Halo is an excellent game, no doubt about it, BUT I have yet to finish the single player mode on it while I have played through the single player on TS2 almost 6 times (3 times on the PS2, and now twice on X-Box....once on each difficulty, still have to do 'hard'). For me, it's more about the weapons and 'ambience'.....I don't care for the futuristic weapons in Halo while I love most of the weapons in TS2. Also, I like the 'change of character' that you go through on TS2, instead of being the same person (well, technically you ARE the same person....).

Multiplayer-wise, it's a toss up. Halo has some GREAT wide open maps, and the gameplay is suitable to sniping (which I love), AND there's vehicles....very cool. TS2 has a ton of gameplay modes, a wide variety of weapons, a good selection of fast maps, AND 'bots'....smart bots at that....TS2 is enjoyable as a multiplayer game, even if you have no friends....and it's a more customizable game than Halo...

Personal preference: Timesplitters 2.
Note: I do NOT like system link TS2 (unless you have 4 systems at least). Not being able to use bots on system link is just wrong).

12th Jan 2005, 22:16

13th Jan 2005, 02:41
woh this thread is old. Were on to Halo 2 and soon TS3 now, this thread belongs in the archives:D

18th Jan 2005, 21:14
I've played plenty of Halo. Hours and hours and hours. It's never done anything at all for me. I find it boring and overrated. I know a lot of people really enjoy it though, so more power to 'em. Have fun!