View Full Version : Some of ya are very lucky... :p

12th May 2003, 18:35
I just found a lil' site on which you can register your details and receive a lil' LoK: Defiance DVD! However, the offer's only open to US citizens... :(

Here's a link:


If anybody does get one, I wonder if there'll be a kind soul who'll try to get it online for us poor Europeans... ;)

12th May 2003, 18:36
Beat you to it dude!

12th May 2003, 18:39
Oh aye... Oh well! At least we're both tryin' to do our bit for the members of these forums! ;)

12th May 2003, 18:57
I just registered, so when I get that DVD I wil tell al as to what is on it.

12th May 2003, 18:58
I already know what will be on it - a preview of the best game ever! =)

12th May 2003, 19:04
It's ONLY on DVD and not emails and stuff? So signing up meant all I get is a DVD sent to an address that doesn't exist unless there's a street with the same name as mine in the US. Well someone's going to be lucky if there is! lol Now I feel dumb.

12th May 2003, 19:08
Holy ****! I almost crapped my pants! This is way too unreal! There's a link for a trailer... I can't wait to see one! And those screenshots... Aaargh! :D

I have to calm down and start breathing again, so I won't be as blue as Raziel is! :)

BTW, how was this found?

12th May 2003, 19:09
Thanks! Just registered!

12th May 2003, 19:13
Hmm, I wonder if this is actually active yet? I didn't receive a confirmation email. It's also not listed on the main Eidos page or legacyofkain.com.

12th May 2003, 19:32
that striked me as odd aswell

i guess we shall just WAIT AND SEE

12th May 2003, 21:38
Any chance of getting either A. a copy out to us lot in the UK or B. getting it online so that we can download it - yay broadband!



Reaver of Souls
13th May 2003, 00:18
:mad: Canada, right beside the US and they are too lazy too send it up here to me!!! Come on, you really should know by now that our mail doesn't get deliverd by polar bear!


13th May 2003, 02:02
What exactly did we just sign up for?

Edit: Wow the screens are sweet, huh?

Lady Kreliana
13th May 2003, 02:09
I think we just signed our lives away, warp. :D

13th May 2003, 03:08
Register now and be the first to receive exclusive screenshots, trailers, and other exclusive information for Legacy of Kain: Defiance!

Umah Bloodomen
13th May 2003, 05:20
Chris will hear about it if I get SPAM along with my LOKD info. :p

13th May 2003, 05:26
If I were Eidos, I'd be hesitant about mailing to Canada too. You all have a terrifying postal system =).

Reaver of Souls
14th May 2003, 02:26
Blinc~ Well..yes, but still. It is carried by postal workers, and we have postmen/women that walk,bike, or drive, and the mail can go by train, truck or plane too. It IS *incredibly* slow (lots of emphasis on that), hence the title snail mail, but other than that it's fine. If I want to ship a package to Alberta I don't have to wait for the 5 o'clock polar bear/dog sled to arrive, lol.

14th May 2003, 02:38
has anyone who signed up received a confirmation email?

Umah Bloodomen
14th May 2003, 02:39
I didn't. But I don't expect to unless something *new* relating to the title is announced, or the DVD is ready to ship.

14th May 2003, 02:43
I was just checking, since Eidos apparently doesn't like my Netscape email address :p

14th May 2003, 05:50
I didn't get any confirmation either. Is that good or bad?
I'm in Canada too, but it's a good thing I have friends in Oregon :)

Umah Bloodomen
14th May 2003, 06:01
Originally posted by eclipse_reaver
I didn't get any confirmation either. Is that good or bad?

Well, we'll know if we never receive anything. :p

14th May 2003, 07:35
To add to the body of evidence... no, no confirmation e-mail.

I also hope we just get LoK mail. I don't care about Ms. Croft...

Hope I get my DVD before I move! :eek:

14th May 2003, 22:34
I wish I could have a copy of that DVD, but like others I live in the UK :(

Well, I shall just have to get it by other means.

***Jeffers plots a randsom for LoK: Defiance DVD***



15th May 2003, 03:39
I just found that DVD offer and signed up for it. I can't wait to see what things are on it.