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10th May 2003, 22:20
Some people are theorising that in Defiance for Raziel to materialise from the spectral relm into the phsyical relm that he will have to possess people/enemeys to do so.
I was just wondering if this was the case how could it be possible? :confused:
whenever your in the spectral relm phsyical enemys are no longer visible to you so how could you now where they are to possess, or am i missing somthing.
I do like this possessing idea but its somthing that i thoght would only be possible if done wilst already in the physical relm.
any thoght or theories on this.

10th May 2003, 23:53
No one really knows how its going to work. Were getting the whole "Possesion" thing from the tidbits that were posted at gamers hell. It sounds to me that Raziel will be doing some kind of possesion to get into Material, especially after Chris said that it wouldnt be typical shifting.

However, at this point, its still all speculation :p


Edit - I need a spell checker :)

11th May 2003, 06:45
This is just speculations but if Raziel is going to have to posses ppl I think he might fing "rifts" in the spectral plane (sorta like the demons found rifts in their plane in SR2 only smaller). From these places he can look into the physical realm and even project his mint into a beeings there.
(just ranting tho...)

11th May 2003, 12:44
The demons in SR2 were in both planes. Maybe if he defeats the spectral demon that leaves it's material body vacant. Or maybe: You know how in SR1 how Dumah could chase you in spectral before you removed the stakes, but then when you went material his physical body was still stuck there. Well maybe you have to lure enemies away from their physical bodies so you can take them instead. If time stands still in spectral it would make more sense for their bodies to be frozen in time when you're spectral than for them to dissapear. They could do that or they could just have lots of enemies that can exist in both realms.

A lot of peoples theories on how Raz will possess his enemies are reminding me of how Hash possessed Morty. I wonder if Hash was once like Raziel in this respect.

11th May 2003, 13:22
or mybe hash IS raziel!:D

If possessing them is true I wonder if raziel transforms into himself instead of inhabiting their body. It would be SO cool if raziel possessed his own vampire body!

11th May 2003, 13:57
I think it should be upto the player.