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10th May 2003, 06:07
Yeah yeah yeah, Vae Victus is mispronounced in Blood Omen 1... at least, it would be on Earth.

But this is Nosgoth, and even though the language is based off of English and... German? Other Slavic maybe sounding words, but does that necessarily mean that it has to be 100% correct?

What if Kain's pronouncation is the Nosgothic way of saying it? The main reason it was mispronounced in BO1 was because it was taken from a dialect not spoken in a couple of hundred years, right? So, I don't think anyone's going to be dissappointed if Kain mispronounces it. There's a bunch of different words today that pronouncation is varied. Take 'ennui' for example. I had to look it up, and it's pronounced both phonetically "enn-u-ee" and as "on-we".

The main point is: Kain's Vae Victus should be the correct "Nosgothic" way, and be heard all the friggin' time!

Vae Victus!!!!!!!!

10th May 2003, 06:12

10th May 2003, 06:31

And another case of shooting His mouth off before looking around...


But I didn't see any confirmation if it was going to be the Nosgothic pronouncation, or if it would ever be return to LOK.

BTW, in the deleted version of Vae Victus in BO2, how does Kain say it?

10th May 2003, 06:40
Use this (http://thelostworlds.net/BO2-Dialogue.HTML) site for all deleted material from LoK

10th May 2003, 06:48
For some odd reason, Ben's reconstructions never work for me. Either I get a page full of technical read-outs that I can't read or a file I can't open. And since I don't have my own computer, I don't like downloading things (trying to be considerate, ja?).

Which is a shame, since The Lost Worlds is one of my fav's around.

10th May 2003, 07:18
He says it 2 different ways.

Umah Bloodomen
10th May 2003, 08:00
Winamp will open and play the .ogg format just fine.

EDIT: Slight modification to the subject line.

Apocrypha Roxy
10th May 2003, 20:32
If you're interested (probably not), I had rummaged through the reference section of the library a while ago, and found a Latin to English dictionary.

Compelled out of sheer curiosity, I looked up Vae and Victus.

Vae: Alas!
Victus: Sustinence, Nourishment, Living/Life, Way of Support

So in essence, Kain is saying 'HEY! FOOD!!!', in a more... elegent sort of way.


10th May 2003, 20:36
Thats hillarious :D