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9th May 2003, 21:49

kain and vorador BOTH said that raziel was destined to be nosgoths savior while kain was destined to be it's destroyer.

I think ther's a slight problem with this because raziel is only still 'alive' because kain made a paradox! How could raziel be the savior of nosgoth if he was stuck inside the reaver?

did they all mean raziel was to be nosgoths savior as the ravenous entity within the reaver blade? If that was true I'd expect the guy that actually USED to reaver for it's big use to restore nosgoth to be the savior and not raziel. it's not like he would ever get any credit.

or did they both mean that upon raziel killing kain at williams chapel made him the savior of nosgoth? Is that it? Is raziel going to have to kill kain still?:confused:

Lozza Mate
10th May 2003, 04:17
Raz becoming the wraith blade in SR2 would have been the product of a false history as created by the mysterious dark forces (probably the hylden). Kain and Vorador were most likely refering to the original, prophecised destiney Raziel was meant to undertake.

10th May 2003, 10:30
Kain wasn't destined to be Nosgoths destroyer, that's just the false destiny that the dark forces rigged for him. Raziel was trapped in the Reaver before he could forfill his destiny. Now he'll be trapped in the Reaver after he forfills his destiny.

10th May 2003, 10:45
Or he wont be trapped inside at all.

Something may happen when we least expect it.

10th May 2003, 12:34
As much as I want my raz to make it out 'alive' (so to speak) (gotta look after my boy!) I won't mind him getting trapped inside the wraith blade for one single reason:

there won't be a continuation of raziel's story. I mean I love rraziel's character design an all but I feel that he doesn't have much point in actually surviving to see beyond this game.

Either way I'll be happy with the outcome. I just want this game so bad!