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Corwin MacGregor
8th May 2003, 22:52
I bought Thief Platinum and am in the process of playing through Thief 1: TDP. Unfortunately, while all the other levels (1+) seem to be working fine (so far), the training mission has problems with its sound effects: they aren't there.

The narrator speaks his bits, but there're no footsteps, jump noises, grunts, or other sound fx. Unfortunately, this appears to cause problems in the room where you "must learn to move quietly": The instructor doesn't acknowledge your presence at the raised end of the room to open the gate to move on.

What gives, and is there a fix?

Grey Mouser
9th May 2003, 23:19
Are you playing on an Intel 810 series graphics chip? I have seen this problem before on certain onfigurations of HP or Compaq system, and the common denominator was playing in SW mode on an Intel 810 series chip.

Unfortuately I have never found a fix for this that applies to all users. If you have a Compaq and Windows 98 this may work:

Go to start>Run>type in"sysedit" and hit OK on your keyboard.
in config.sys, look for a line that reads as follows.
C:\windows\emm386.exe NOEMS I=B000-B7FF
change that line to read as follows:
C:\windows\emm386.exe NOEMS

Then click on file, Exit. Click on 'yes' to save the changes.
Then reboot your computer.

That might fix it.

If not, I have been able to duplicate the problem the problem here on an HP Brio/Win ME/Intel 810 Graphics but not been able to get around it, save by installing a video card on the system and playing the Training under Hardware Acceleration.

I could send you a Save from just after the second test in Training (which allows you to complete the Training). Also, the problem seems only to affect the Training level and not the actual missions themselves.

Anyone else ever hear of this?

Corwin MacGregor
11th May 2003, 23:55
Yes, I have an Intel 810 grafix chip in my HP Pavillion.
The Eidos FAQ mentioned a bugg with the Intel 810, that Thief attempts to automatically use Hardware Acceleration, and that that screws up the game. It recommends manually turning off Video Hardware Acceleration as the fix, and that is what I did. The sound problems in the Training mission are the only problems I've had (so far).

What do you mean by 'SW'?

12th May 2003, 04:06
Originally posted by Corwin MacGregor

What do you mean by 'SW'?
:D :D SOFT WARE mode as opposed to HARDWARE MODE> :D :D